Two things are very popular in every country in the world. First, it is watching football matches. Two is playing games like Zeus slot machine free [valid where legal]. In this article, we will talk about football. This game, which has a history of thousands of years, is loved in all countries of the world and dozens of football teams compete every year in both local and international leagues. So, which of these teams are the best? To be more specific, what are the top 5 football teams in 2021? We answer this question below.

FC Barcelona

In case you’re wondering, FC stands for “football club.” Barcelona, ​​one of the oldest football teams in Europe, was founded in 1899 and competes in La Liga. It has won 76 trophies so far, 26 of which are La Liga titles. This is their only local success. Barcelona also has twenty international trophies, including UEFA and FIFA. It is known as the most followed sports club on social media, and the best football players in the world wear FC Barcelona jerseys. The club also has a “nemesis”: Real Madrid. These two teams have been fighting for the La Liga championship for years, and the matches they play against each other are called El Clasico (The Classic). The reason it tops our list is its value. The total value of this football team is $4.76 billion as of 2021. At the moment, it is considered the richest football club in the world.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid follows Barcelona very closely in almost every aspect, including its total value. The value of this club as of 2021 is exactly 4.75 billion dollars. There is still a difference of 10 million dollars, ​​but this value changes frequently depending on which footballers play in the team. There were times when Real Madrid was more valuable than Barcelona. This club was founded in 1902, and the “real” in its name represents the kingdom of Spain. (Real means “royal” in Spanish.) There were three teams that founded La Liga in 1929: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Athletic Bilbao. These three teams have been fighting for the championship since that year in the league they founded, but we can say that the biggest rivalry is between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​as we mentioned above. For comparison, Real Madrid has 34 La Liga titles and 26 international trophies.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is valued at $4.21 billion and ranks third in this regard. However, when we look at UEFA Club Rankings, we see that it is in the first place as of 2021. Bayern Munich has long held its position on the list, thanks to the points it has achieved due to its outstanding success in 2017 and 2019. Founded in 1900, this team competes in the Bundesliga, and its full name is “Fußball-Club Bayern München e. V.” It is considered the most successful football team in Germany and has a total of 31 local championships. (It also has 6 UEFA trophies.) The legendary football player Franz Beckenbauer was playing for this team. Bayern Munich also has rivals. This team has been battling Borussia Dortmund for decades, both locally and internationally. One of the most interesting aspects of Bayern Munich is that it is a real sports club. It also has teams for sports such as chess, table tennis, and gymnastics.


You will never walk alone. If this slogan sounds familiar, you already know Liverpool. Founded in 1892, this team is the fourth most valuable team in the world: its total value is estimated to be 4.1 billion dollars. It has the distinction of being the English team that has won the most European trophies and has close to 50 local championships too. Its traditional rivals are Manchester United and Everton. Liverpool has been battling both for years, especially in the Premier League. The current manager of the team is Jürgen Klopp, and the owner is Fenway Sports Group. If you think you remember this name from somewhere, you are not wrong. The same company also owns the Boston Red Sox. In other words, one of England’s most successful football teams is run by the Americans.

Manchester City

We can say that Manchester City was the most successful team in the 2020-2021 season, according to official UEFA statistics. As a matter of fact, this success allowed him to move up to second place in the UEFA Club Rankings in 2021. Manchester City was founded in 1880 and is considered one of the oldest football teams in England. It competes in the Premier League and is considered one of the most valuable football teams in the world: its value is estimated at approximately €2.69 billion. It doesn’t have many championships compared to other teams, but it won the Premier League in 2018 and became the only team to score 100 points in a season. The club’s high value is due to the massive investments made by its current owner, Abu Dhabi United Group. This is the reason why it is considered the second most successful team despite not having many championships. Since budget is not a problem, it can recruit the best players, and the results of this are slowly starting to be seen. We are confident that we will see Manchester City higher up in the coming seasons.

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