Blackjack is one of the traditional casino games. And as such, it is also quite popular around the world.


But the allure of the game is hidden in the paradoxical nature of it – it is very simple, yet very complex. That is why, everywhere you look, you will find guides and books that propose this or that blackjack strategy. And they rarely help.


In this article, we aim to introduce you to some of the best Blackjack books out there. The long days of surfing the web in search of a perfect book that encapsulates what you are looking for are over. Below you will find our top five Blackjack books that you should add to your required reading list. Trust us, with these books, you will become a Blackjack pro in no time – and it’s that easy.

1. Beat the Dealer – Ed Thorp


This book profoundly changed how we perceive Blackjack. Thorp, whom many describe as the genius behind card counting, wrote and published the book in 1962. Although that might seem, by many standards, to have happened ages ago, Beat the Dealer is still topping the charts in the Blackjack-oriented genre. And that is not without a reason.


What Thorp did was introduce the point system that served as the basic strategy for countless players ever since. To put it into the typical Blackjack terminology, it turned the tables and placed the advantage into the hands of the players. It was so influential that casinos in Las Vegas had to change the rules of the game to prevent losing so much money to the players. If you want to start from the basics, Beat the Dealer will push you straight into the Blackjack realm. And you can thank us later.

2. Playing Blackjack as a Business – Lawrence Revere


Lawrence Revere is one of the most recognizable authors in the Blackjack waters. His extensive experience with the game – he worked as a dealer in several casinos – was instrumental for this book. Hence, with an author that’s well-versed in the art of Blackjack, you can expect a valuable read from this one.


Playing Blackjack as a Business came out in 1969, only seven years after Thorp’s classic. In a way, it might be outdated, but the concepts and strategies explained in the book are still usable. The best thing about this book is that you can navigate through it quite easily. You start with basic strategies, and then slowly progress towards more complex notions. Truth be told, this is a must-read for all those who wish to boost their skill and learn something new.

3. Professional Blackjack – Stanford Wong


Wong’s bestselling book is both an easy read and a serious study. Just like the game that it describes, Professional Blackjack combines simplicity with complex notions that make us love the game. Wong is currently one of the best writers of Blackjack material that you can read.


One important thing to remember about Professional Blackjack is that it is not intended for beginners. If you are only starting, we highly recommend exploring other sources for Blackjack info. For example, you can read other authors, books, or look for common Blackjack strategies on other websites, such as Blackjack Gala. After you gain a little experience, you can return to Wong’s book and continue exploring the subject.

4. Burning the Tables in Las Vegas – Ian Andersen


Andersen’s first hit Turning the Tables in Las Vegas focuses on acceptable behavior in casinos – while you are winning. A truly immersive read, Andersen gave us only a glimpse of his playful persona and career as a pro Blackjack player. Thankfully, decades later, he decided to treat the readers with another interesting book. Burning the Tables in Las Vegas is a cocktail of Andersen’s latest insights and lessons about playing Blackjack.


It is an all-encompassing guide to playing the game. It includes the math behind the game, explanations of various concepts, and a guide to understanding the psychology of players. Plus, it is a very enjoyable read, as Andersen incorporated his anecdotes from his Blackjack playing days.

5. Sklansky Talks Blackjack – David Sklansky


Sklansky’s contribution to the vast Blackjack book collection is a fun, innovative approach to the game. He brings us some of the most thorough accounts of Blackjack hands, all with step-by-step explanations for each one. If you want to read something thoroughly, Sklansky Talks Blackjack is the best solution.


The author is skilled in most traditional casino games. Hence, if you ever decide to explore other games, we suggest exploring Sklansky’s other works.


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