Among all other continents in the world, Asia is known as the most prosperous one especially in the field of gambling. This holds various places where their created rudimentary games became known worldwide. Throughout history, Asians have been gambling to relax, unwind, and experience excitement despite all the stresses in life. As a common pastime, people were able to make various games from random entities found in the surroundings like dice, dominoes, tiles, cards, and balls.


Through modernization, these recreational activities were developed into a more conventional version found through gadgets and phones. As such, people just have to sign in to a site and log into their details to make bets and win prizes. These modern versions allow the participants to experience the same thrill and excitement brought by the land-based gaming facades.


In light of this, here are some of the most popular and favored games in Asia. These games also have their online versions and can now be played by all individuals all around the world.




Baccarat is a famous game that originated in China. This has become known and adopted in the casinos and gambling institutions in western countries. Although this has a lot of variants, generally, the baccarat’s gameplay involves the comparison of the cards of the banker and the player. According to its original version, participants must bet on the hand they believe to have the sum closest or equal to nine; in other words, players can bet on their opponent’s hand if they think that they have the highest setting.


Due to its popularity, baccarat is one of the most searched and played games online. With the right site like W88 in Asia, players can make bets by connecting their bank accounts and win prizes that can be converted into real money.


Sic Bo


Another game that originated from China, Sic Bo is one of the oldest games in the industry this has been entertaining people for more than hundreds of years now. Unlike baccarat, this requires a few more equipment such as dice, number cards, and roulette and a huge table enough to accommodate the players.


For its mechanics, the host will just simply roll the dice and the roulette. The participant, on the other hand, must bet on the numbers they think would match the drawn ones. The winners will then be the ones who have matched all the winning combinations.




Mahjong is a classic Asian game that is famously played in Mahjong houses and casinos; this is also one of the oldest games ever practiced. The traditional mahjong requires a good strategy, some risks, and a little of mathematics. With the tiles as the main equipment used, this follows similar gameplay with Tong-its – the person who was first to have a clean slate is the winner.


Similar to the previous games, Chinese mahjong can be played and dealt on gambling sites like W88. Players can compete with other individuals anytime and anywhere and make bets depending on their desired amounts.


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