At one level, sports betting is just gambling – you could win big one day and then lose your shirt the next. With a bit of care and effort it is possible to make your way and perhaps have a second source of income from treating sports betting as a hustle.

Focusing on the UK Premier League soccer game (the richest soccer league in the world) let’s drill down into how you could beat the dealer when it comes to online sports betting.

Know the Game

Are you the sort of guy or gal who can recite the league’s current standings off the top of your head? Who’s Burnley FC’s star player? If the name Dwight McNeil doesn’t spring to mind then you probably need to get the game better in your head before getting serious about betting on the Premier League!

Such detailed knowledge will allow you to understand the likely outcome of a game as well as the online sports betting platforms will.

If Liverpool were to play Burnley in a game and you didn’t know the big name players in Liverpool well enough to see the team they are fielding to play Burnley was a half strength squad to rest their top players, then you might naturally bet that Liverpool would win. If their second team was effectively playing the smaller team – and Burnley were fielding their big guns – then the odds aren’t as clear Liverpool would walk it. You could even put a few $ for Burnley to win and slide out some income should Burnley beat the Reds!

This sort of knowledge can’t be done in a year. You need to have been almost autistic about a sport for a while to fully understand it.

  • Who’s this manager of the team that was just promoted from League 1? Could he pull off a few surprises?
  • How many managers have Tottenham sacked since breakfast time?! An old joke but such turbulence left them out of the top tier teams for years…
  • How many years has Ronaldo left before he spends more time on the subs bench than on the pitch?

If you think of yourself in a duel with a company, like 20Bet online sports betting [valid where legal] for example, that makes big profits beating you on odds, then such deep knowledge is going to help you win – or certainly not lose big time.

This isn’t Just the Premier League

If you don’t even know what the Premier League is, no matter. Your interest may well be the NFL or NBA. If you remember that the sports betting company you’re betting with is in the business to make money from you losing, then you need to be on the ball with your bets to make decent headway. Otherwise you’re not going to beat the odds.

With this in mind, betting can be fun and productive. Watching the game is probably something you’ve done for a while and earning from it is just the icing on the cake! Bet safely folks!

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