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When we enter any site, we leave a lot of data about ourselves. And it’s not just a 22 Bet login and password. The player gives personal information about himself, such as phone and credit card number. Although without such information, you cannot play for money, information safety is essential. Some users avoid gambling because they’re afraid of providing so many details. But it’s completely safe, and here’s why.

What Personal Data Casinos Collect

Protection of personal data is becoming increasingly important. When entrusting his first and last name and bank details, the player must be sure that the information will not be used to his detriment. There is a legitimate interest, whether the casino needs the information important to the player, whether there is an urgent need for it. All of these questions are answered when the user is familiar with the Privacy Policy.

When registering, each player entrusts personal information, which can be divided into several groups:

  • Player identification information includes the player’s first and last name and date of birth.
  • Contact information consists of country of residence, real address and email, phone number.
  • Financial Information. Props include numbers of bank cards, accounts – sources, funds from which were used for the game.
  • All information about the user’s activity in the casino: bets made, winnings, gaming preferences, the status of the customer’s personal account and the dynamics of its change.
  • The site contains all the technical information about the game: the browser used, time zone, language, PC operating system, plug-ins used.
  • Casinos collect information on the gaming activities of the client: password, login, how much time the gambler pays for gambling entertainment, on the used bonuses, participation in promotions.

This data is collected with the help of Cookie Policy, some information is filled in by the gambler himself during registration, the information is obtained with the help of special software to track the behavior of the player on the site. The online casino does not hide the fact that private information is collected and stored and warns each new user about it.

Why Casinos Collect Private Data

The administration of the casino claims that it needs all of the data it receives and trusts. Some of the information is used for security purposes and some is used for commercial purposes:

  • The casino checks all financial information for money laundering, terrorism and fraud. If the gambler is suspected of illegal activities, his account and personal account at the casino are blocked.
  • Personal information is necessary for the administration to help its customers. Questions may be related to gaming and technical issues, related to transactions, deposits. In order to support the gambler, the technical service must have access to his personal data.
  • The gameplay itself and transactions are subject to verification, in this way the casino prevents terrorism, money laundering and fraud.
  • Analysis of player activity allows the casino to organize the gambling process, expand the range of games and products from providers that are most in demand, change the menu to improve usability, and to improve the quality of services.
  • Analyzing the activity and preferences of the player, the casino improves the service, recommends a specific range of games, invites to participate in tournaments, applies

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