To the average person, entering the fun world of online slots for the first time can be very intimidating. You are bombarded by a variety of UK slots games, jargon and acronyms that may lead you to believe that this is a whole new language. If you are one of these people, then I have some wonderful news for you. It isn’t a whole new language. Yes, there are some terms and phrases that may be new to you, that you will need to learn, but they are extremely easy to comprehend. Here are three of the most queried acronyms and terms from people who are new to online slots.


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RTP simply stands for Return To Player. This term will be the most important term to remember when you enter the world of online slots. What RTP refers to, is the average time this particular game will pay out. In other words, how many times you can expect to win. It is generally considered that an RTP of around 97% or higher is excellent, giving you the best chance of success and being able to walk away with some money. On the reverse end of the scale, an RTP of 94% or less is considered pretty bad. Most experts in playing online slots would advise you to stay away from these games.


The acronym RNG stands for Random Number Generator. Before the technology revolution occurred, slot machines were physical devices that players had to manually interact with. The reels was turned and stopped by actual mechanisms. However, as technology advanced and most, if not all industries moved into the digital age, so did slot games. This could only occur because of the advancement in Random Number Generators.

Simply put, a Random Number Generator is a computer programme designed to select numbers at random. This tool is used in online slots allowing them to produce random combinations of symbols.

Slot Paylines

Slot Paylines are the most important thing to understand and to know before you make your first roll of the reels. Simply put, the paylines are what needs to appear in the window of the slot game in order for you to be a winner. In the early incarnations of slot games, players only had one payline to win, and most often it was the iconic triple 7’s. However, as slot games evolved, the ways you could win also evolved. Slot machines evolved from 3 reels to 5 reels, not to mention the new games that were created when online slots were developed.

Now there are some games that offer you up to 50 different combinations of paylines. On the positive side, most online games have payline tables that are on clear display that will show you exactly what needs to appear, in what combination in order for you to win.

And that is it. That is how easy it is to understand slots. But remember the old adage – practice makes perfect. 


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