For anyone involved in gambling, 2020 has been a stellar year. The pandemic-struck globe turned to online gambling as a source of fun, relaxation, and for some, income. The igaming sector has boomed to amazing heights, showing signs of a 30 or even 50 per cent increase compared to 2019 – and no one drove the industry upward more than high rollers.

Cause and effect are simple and easy to understand. With the closure of land-based casino resorts – you know, playing grounds of rich men – millionaires had few options left to quench their thirst for gambling.

They turned to online casinos and discovered there are actual live dealer roulette tables designed for high rollers (for use in states/countries where legal) , with table limits up to £250,000. These tables can have limits up to £1000 for outside bets and £20,000 for even-money bets. Both parties, the casinos and the players, couldn’t have been happier as it was a match made in heaven.

Live dealer roulette tables with high limits such as Auto VIP Roulette or Salon Prive Roulette were everything a high roller could ask for, so it’s understandable that the live dealer niche of online gaming is booming in 2020.

Perhaps the biggest reason why online gaming is so successful right now is that it is, simply, the better product than the traditional casino. There’s an incredible range of roulette tables available. Some are based on changing the rules, such as Double Ball Roulette (for use in states/countries where legal) that uses two balls and has different payouts, or French Roulette (for use in states/countries where legal) , which uses la partage rule.

There are also different language versions, roulette streamed from various locations, you name it. Anything a player might fantasize about, the gambling industry has made readily available already – and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Evolution Gaming and NetEnt lead the charge, but, most notably, even the smaller providers such as Pragmatic Play got bold and are innovating. This can mean only one thing – even the companies that aren’t at the very top now have the funds and a reason to innovate and to offer a new product.

It remains to be seen how will traditional casinos get their precious high rollers back once the pandemic is over. Those land-based casinos that have been forced to impose reductions in capacity have stopped allowing small players to walk in. It makes sense, as they need higher player value in order to make the same amount of money as before. In short, they want high rollers, but these are now mostly throwing their cash at roulette tables online.

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