The Most Ridiculous Prop Bets you’ve Ever Seen

In the world of sports betting, prop bets are probably the most unusual betting variants. In sports betting, prop bets or proposition bets are wagers made regarding the non-occurrence or occurrence during sports events. Proposition bets are usually placed on events that do not affect the final outcome of the games. When compared to general bets, prop bets are very much different as general bets usually involve placing wagers against or for a certain team or betting on the total number of goals or points in the games.

Unlike straight-up bets or point spreads, prop bets are novelty bets as they usually concern teams’ or players’ milestones and these rarely affect the final outcome. These milestones include various things such as total passing yards, or the first touchdown scorer.

In fact, almost every bet that is not a moneyline, total, and point spread can be considered a proposition bet. Sports bettors can also parlay their proposition bets just like they parlay moneyline or future bets and in these cases, the best option to use is a parlay odds calculator as with other parlays that combine other types of bets. Further, we take a look at some of the most ridiculous, weirdest proposition bets on the biggest sports events.

The National Anthem Length

In the world of sports, you can play a proposition bet on almost anything and as previously mentioned, prop bets do not affect the final outcome of the game. One of the most ridiculous prop bets related to the Super Bowl is betting on the national anthem length. Basically, sports bettors place bets on the song’s length or more specifically will the song length be longer or shorter than the time predicted or set by the bookies.

Coin Toss Bets

Coin toss bets are quite ridiculous but people wager on the coin toss and in most cases, the winning odds are -115 for tails and of course, -115 for heads. When playing this unusual prop bet hundred times with one hundred credits invested on every toss, you are quite likely to lose fifteen credits. Even though this is far away from being the most profitable prop bet around, people still make coin toss bets.

Gatorade Shower Color

When discussing the most ridiculous prop bets in Super Bowl, we have to mention those who actually place real money wagers on the color of Gatorade that will be poured on the coach of the winning team. As crazy as it sounds, people actually bet on the color of Gatorade and generally, odds on orange are listed at +110, red or pink at -300, green or yellow +450, blue +550, clear +600, and purple +900.

Commercial Proposition Bets

Then, there are commercial proposition bets that some Super Bowl fans love. We know how brands love to use the game to expand their brand power, and the bookies let us bet on this. Commercial proposition bets usually include betting on the first commercial to air and in most cases, this is some Anheuser-Busch brand. There are also proposition bets regarding how many Super Bowl commercials will have dogs in them and how many individuals in commercials will be wearing masks. As ridiculous as it sounds, commercial prop bets are a real thing.

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