The Premier League has recently announced that it will be naming two players to be inducted on its very first class of hall of fame. This has been quite a long-time coming as fans know how the league has always opted against making such a move.


The announcement about Premier League’s Hall of Fame was posted on its website and social media accounts. The Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters said in a short statement concerning this matter, “Since 1992, the Premier League has been home to world-class players who have defined generations and provided us with compelling football season after season.”


He added, “A place in the Premier League Hall of Fame is reserved for the very best. It will be an occasion for our fans around the world to look back over the years and help us celebrate some truly exceptional playing careers.”


It can be guaranteed that only the best football players worldwide will be part of this as the Premier League is known to be on the top tier of England’s football pyramid. It began in 1992 and it now has 20 clubs. It’s simply the stage for the most competitive league and world-class players.


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These are all proof that the Premier League is a big deal in the football industry and fans are surely looking forward to knowing who will be the first two who will be named as part of its hall of fame. Based on the criteria released by the EPL, the only ones qualified for this are players that are already retired from the professional ranks.


The EPL will also only base their judgments on the Premier League careers that the players had through the years. Whoever will be lucky to be named as part of the hall of fame will receive a personalized medallion that’s engraved with the year of their induction.


So far there are already a few names that are already making a noise when it comes to this. The likes of Ryan Giggs, Alan, Shearer, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roy Keane, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, and Frank Lampard are what fans are thinking about.


It’s likely the players of Manchester United and Arsenal are the ones to be part of the early inductees. These two clubs are known to have dominated the first decade of the Premier League’s existence. However, based on the EPL’s criteria, it seems that managers will still be ineligible for a place in the Premier League’s Hall of Fame.


This means that Alex Furguson, Arsene Wenger, and other legendary football players that are currently managers of different clubs may not even be part of the list of players to be considered.


Premier League winner Glen Johnson has his top 5 picks that he shared in an interview with White and Sawyer. He has Thierry Henry, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Petr Cech, and David Beckham on his list.


Many were thinking where Shearer is, but Johnson explained, “Well, this five could change every 30 seconds, that’s the problem! I’ve picked these five not just going for strikers, I’ve tried to get a few positions in there.”


He elaborated, “Shearer could be in there, of course, he could, but if I could only pick one striker it’s got to be Henry.” He just really think that five shouldn’t be enough as there are many great football players out there that deserve to be part of the Premier League Hall of Fame.


The first two names will be announced on March 19 and this will include a list of players who are shortlisted to be part of the hall of fame. Fans get to be part of this decision as they get to vote as to who else is deserving to be part of the class. Further details are yet to be announced but the EPL should release more info in the next few weeks.


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