In recent times, money laundering has become a serious problem for the casino industry, and that’s why the entire gambling industry is looking for ways to battle this unlawful activity. 

Casinos must do more to prevent money laundering, leading to increased costs and regulations. And since that’s the case, casinos are looking to ensure complete anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. But given that there are just too many rules to keep an eye on, AML solutions for casinos in the form of software are super reliable and preferred by almost all operating entities in the industry.

But that’s only scraping the importance of AML compliance. And below, we will explore this topic in a much more serious depth, so don’t hesitate to read on.

What Is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is an illegal activity that involves transferring money or assets derived from illegal activities into seemingly lawful accounts, making the source of the illegally obtained funds appear as legal income. Criminals do this so they can spend the money without fear of being caught and held accountable for their crimes. 

Money laundering has become increasingly sophisticated over time; criminals now use complex financial structures, digital currencies, and overseas banking systems to disguise their activities. And they have even turned to casinos as they believe it’s a solid place to launder their dirty money. 

Unfortunately, money laundering affects us all; it fuels corruption and worsens poverty, and erodes the trust individuals have in the integrity of banks, businesses, and even government authorities.

Why Money Launderers Target Casinos

Casinos often offer an avenue for money laundering where we’d least expect it, right within the hustle and bustle of the world of chance.

Money launderers are crafty when it comes to getting their dirty money clean; there’s no doubt about that. Nowadays, one of the methods to launder money is to purchase gambling chips with illicit funds and then gamble with those chips or simply cash them out. To make this process easier, money launderers will try to get in touch with the casino manager or owner to help them purchase chips with illicit funds.

Sadly, some casino’s host managers and owners are either not aware of the negative impact money laundering has on society or turn a blind eye to profit. But those that want to put an end to this problem have implemented various security methods ranging from implementing AML software to security cameras and highly trained employees that are able to spot money launderers in just a fraction of a second.

Identifying Red Flags

Although it’s often difficult to identify money laundering activities there are some red flags that can help you achieve it. 

Some of the red flags that may indicate a potential problem include large-sum chip purchases and quick cashouts. Or if the active player spends a lot of time in the casino making transactions, purchases, and cash-out chips without sitting at any table, the individual responsible for the casino’s operation should be quick to investigate the account of the person in question and their activity in the casino.

If a casino notices any suspicious activity, they should contact the financial regulatory bodies responsible for monitoring money laundering activity as soon as possible. Obviously, casinos aren’t expected to track and monitor every transaction, but being aware of the common signs of money laundering can be beneficial in preventing it from happening in their establishment.

One of the best ways to stop individuals that launder money in their tracks is to use a solid AML system tailored to the needs of casinos. AML software offers casino owners and managers data to determine whether the individuals are there for entertainment or to launder money. 

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The best software options have features that monitor transactions in real-time gambling activity and so much more. With the right system, you will never miss an illicit occurrence on your premises and fail to stop it before substantial damage is done.

What Happens If Casinos Fail To Achieve Complete AML Compliance

Failure to have an anti-money laundering solution in place could result in large fines, legal action, and reputational damage for a casino. In order to avoid these risks, it is important for casinos to have a clear understanding of the compliance landscape and implement AML processes that meet the necessary requirements. With the help of AML software, your casino can develop an effective AML program that will protect you from the potential consequences of non-compliance. 

Bottom Line

Casinos must be mindful of anti-money laundering compliance. Ignoring the importance of following regulations and running a lawful business will result in dire consequences, such as hefty fines or worse—assisting individuals to illegally amass wealth through criminal activities like laundering money.

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