Ask yourself this: as an avid casino gambler what is the most exciting type of game that you think could be found on the casino floor? Sure, the whir of the slots can be pretty damn thrilling, especially when there are slot bonus rounds involved. On the other hand the tense and strategic face-off that a high stakes poker match can be is also something that will be able to generate a whole load of excitement in casino gamblers – check out other offers and bonuses [valid where legal].

And then there’s games like craps which have soared in popularity over the last century or so. All of these are great choices, but when it comes to finding excitement on the casino floor there is just absolutely no beating roulette. Just think about it: is there any other game that involves such an exhilarating spinning wheel? Or one where all the casino payers can end up playing on basically the same team? Roulette is unarguably one of the best, so keep reading for some casino strategies for roulette. 

Roulette: One of the most important casino games ever? 

Before we get into anything too in-depth regarding roulette, we just wanted to highlight its immense importance to the overall casino industry, because it really is genuinely very important. You see, back in the 1800s casino gambling still wasn’t that popular, mainly for the simple reason that casinos were still quite hard to come by, especially if you weren’t a particularly affluent individual. 

When roulette first became a common thing to find in casinos at the beginning of the 1800s this all started to change, however, because gamblers just quite literally could not get enough of it. The popularity of roulette was so high at one point that it basically ushered in the age of super casinos, which subsequently made Monte Carlo into a gambling hotspot when it was the only place in Europe allowed to open casinos. They were banned everywhere else, mainly because of the amount of money they were making from roulette!

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A quick round-up of how to play roulette 

Hopefully you will now never forget the immense importance of roulette to the modern casino industry, now it is time to give a basic overview of how you play this amazing game. Fortunately for us it couldn’t be much easier – first you place your bets on the bet table, and these broadly come under two categories: inside bets or outside bets. 

Inside bets revolve around specific numbers, with gamblers able to choose just one or a few of them at once. Outside bets, on the other hand, correspond to broader things like red or back, or odd and even. Once the bets are made the dealer will spin the wheel, and wherever the ball lands will be the winning value. 

Top tips to win at roulette 

Want to win at roulette as much as you possibly can? Follow a few of these key steps:

  • Never play American roulette, it isn’t worth it!
  • Trust your gut, but don’t go overboard with your wagers.

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