The casino industry is moving forward in leaps and bounds. Technological advances are constantly opening up new possibilities within the market, with players able to enjoy much better graphics, free spins no deposit in Canada [valid where legal], and pay-in options than ever before, thanks to online casinos. But even amongst the flashy lights of the Internet, there remains another option for those who want something different; Pay by Phone Casinos.

Short History of Phone Bill Casinos

The idea behind phone bill casinos is simple; rather than making a standard credit card deposit like you would at any other type of gaming site, you instead use your mobile phone account (and its associated payment methods) to do so. This opens up the doors for an entirely new range of payment options, all of which can be used to make instant deposits at a variety of online casinos. It’s worth noting that this is entirely legal, and casinos using the pay by phone bill method are, in fact, doing nothing wrong; they’re simply offering a new way of making deposits to their players.

Advantages of Pay by Phone Casinos

With this type of casino payment option at your fingertips, you can finally avoid having to sign up for an account with every site that you want to play at; instead, simply using your existing phone number is all it takes! In addition, players also get access to exclusive signup bonuses and other promotions that you wouldn’t usually find anywhere else, especially if the site is new and doesn’t have a long history of loyal customers. Learn how to use slots betting strategies when playing at online casinos.

List of advantages of pay by phone casinos:

  • Legal
  • Secure
  • Easy to use
  • Instant deposits
  • Exclusive bonuses

Phone Bill Casino Bonuses

There are also a number of great bonuses available from the best phone bill casinos, which you can find in our site’s reviews. These bonuses are targeted toward new players and existing ones alike, allowing everyone to enjoy a little extra free cash whenever they put money into their accounts using one of the casino’s payment options. Some of the “pay by phone casino bonuses” may be:

  • free cash;
  • deposit bonuses;
  • free spins;
  • no deposit bonuses.

The Reputation of Pay by Phone Casinos

In recent times pay by phone casino sites have been making big strides forward when it comes to improving their reputation as a whole, but nevertheless, there are still some that don’t offer as much as others in terms of safety guarantees (e.g., responsible gambling policies) for players looking to wager real money on the web. This is why you should always check out reviews of any potential casinos before signing up; they will usually mention the availability of responsible gambling tools like self-exclusion schemes and deposit limits etc., so always look for these before playing real cash.

Phone bill casinos are a great choice for anyone who wants to start playing online slots or casino games with real money quickly and easily, as well as those who want to use their phone number as an alternative form of identification without having to sign up for accounts at every casino they play at. Whether you’re looking for fast payouts, big bonuses, or perhaps even both, you can now take advantage of this ingenious method for depositing funds into your account and getting started right away.

How Do Pay by Phone Casinos Work?

The world of online casinos is constantly evolving, with new games and payment methods coming out all the time. One relatively recent development in this realm has been the concept of phone bill play, which allows players to make deposits at various sites using their mobile phone numbers as an alternative form of identification. Read about US saying that Casino mogul Steve Wynn must register as foreign agent.

Before trying any casino that offers Pay by Phone Casinos, you should always check that it’s both legal where you live and reputable enough for your comfort level; there are loads of unscrupulous casinos out there just waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting players, so again always use reviews to make sure you’re not about to sign up for a site that’s going to screw you over!

  1. Find a reputable casino that offers phone deposits.
  2. Sign up with the casino using your mobile number as well as an email address if you’re not already logged in at the time of registering, or log in if you are.
  3. Once finished, select ‘phone bill’ as the payment option within your account. Make sure to enter your correct mobile number here to complete the transaction!
  4. Enter any deposit amount you choose and hit ‘pay now’.
  5. You’ll then receive a text asking for confirmation before processing your request. Simply reply ‘yes’ to this message once it arrives, and within seconds you’ll see your funds added to your account! Normally this takes around five minutes, but sometimes it may take a few more.
  6. Now it’s time to start playing slots or table games for real money!

You can deposit and withdraw using your phone bill anytime you like, though some casinos only allow a certain amount of withdrawals from this method per month, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before committing yourself to anything. It’s easy, as pay by phone casinos offer a quick and simple way to get started with your new casino account, with the minimal hassle involved once you know what you’re doing!

Regulations and Security of Phone Bill Casinos

In terms of regulations, the pay-by-phone casino business is still in its infancy, which means that there are no industry standards just yet. As a result, some sites try to get away with offering little or nothing in the way of responsible gambling initiatives, but you can find plenty of great options amongst our top picks, which will both protect your safety and ensure a safe and secure environment for playing slots online.

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The best phone bill casinos are also fully licensed and regulated, which means that you can always be sure of fair play; plus, they’re highly secure thanks to the use of the latest encryption technology. Furthermore, their customer service teams are available around the clock throughout all stages of your gaming experience (and beyond), meaning that there’s always someone on hand to answer any questions you may have about the games, payment options, and, most importantly, your money!

The Future of Phone Bill Casinos

Perhaps the most important thing to consider with phone bill casinos is that they are still very much in their infancy, and there’s no real reason why this should ever change; after all, technology is constantly advancing, and there will always be new methods of doing things, especially when it comes to casino pay-ins! As such, you can expect more payment options like SMS billing and pre-payments (where you add money into your account before beginning play) over time, both of which will then boost the range of sites that offer this type of functionality to players in the future.


As we said at the beginning of this article, pay by phone casinos are great for anyone who wants to make quick and easy deposits into their new or existing account. It’s also perfect for those who want access to exclusive promotions without having to sign up for an additional account at every casino they play at, not forgetting the fact that most sites will reward you with some extra cash just for using the service!

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