Sometimes, it is not the odds or the house edge that may be stopping you from placing that bet and spending hours on a casino. Sometimes, it is just the simple fact that you are broke–after all, who isn’t? Unless you are a millionaire sitting on a yacht, no one can blame you for being broke.

If you find yourself temporarily unable to play casino games in India for real money [valid where legal], there are still ways to enjoy gambling with very little to no money on your wallet. All it takes is knowing the right games. It may be no poker or mega slots, but a play is still a play.

Here are some ways you can still gamble while broke.

Go to Penny Slots

Make no mistakes–penny slots are the worst. They are obvious cash cows and have significantly lower RTP rates than the usual casino slot you can find. However, they are also one thing–cheap.

If you are short on cash and just want to pass a little time, a short sitting session at the penny slot might give you your fix. Just don’t expect to go home with a win that is bigger than $50–if you are even that lucky, that is.

Bet on Keno

Do you know what people say about Keno? It is often regarded by a lot of people as the dark corner of the casino, where losers in big games gather as a last resort to making a profit.

In a way, there is a truth to it. The odds in Keno betting are not as good as in other games, and you are left to putting everything on luck. Still, it is a cheap game to wager on, and the rewards can be enticing, too. Just don’t spend too much time on it and keep a close watch on the little money you have–a Keno session is known to distract you and make you forget about the time.

Take advantage of free spins

One of the great things about online casinos is that most, if not all, give out free spins. They give it to new members, to members making their first deposit, or randomly to existing players.

There is a catch, though–free spins are usually bound by restrictive terms, and casino owners usually make it very hard for you to win, or sometimes even play good games, using just free spins.

Despite its limitations and restrictions, they are still free chances of winning–so why not take advantage of them?

Bet on the lottery

Perhaps you’ve heard it already, and too many times–that you are more likely to get hit by lightning than hitting the jackpot on a lottery.

The truth is that most bettors know this, and they understand that the odds of them winning is very slim. Still, a lot would say that they bet on the lottery not for the actual win, but for the expectations and the daydreaming of winning the big jackpot.

Are you having a bad day, for whatever reason? Buy that lottery ticket and spend the next several hours daydreaming about how you’ll spend those millions. That in itself might be worth the few bucks you’ll chip in already.

Before you go

Who says gambling is only for the rich, or that you need huge amounts of cash? However, you still have to be careful–if you don’t have that much cash already, placing it on a wager might not be the best idea for the meantime. Assess your situation and learn to prioritize things over hobbies or indulgences, such as gambling activities.

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