The credit card isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Such a credit card has lots of goodies, but not every individual likes to take chances with it.


However, who doesn’t want better apartment rental options, insurance quotes, mortgage rates! To land on these fantastic perks, you need to have a good credit score. To get such an indispensable financial opportunity, you don’t necessarily need a credit card. Here’s a practical guide on how to build credit without a credit card or consult tax professionals like thinkMarkets.


  • Report your rent


Did you know that you can report your rent payment to any credit bureaus? You need to consult with your landlord soberly and critically to see if they make a report about your payment history each month. If they don’t, you need not worry about it so much.


You can take a smart initiative and hire a rent-reporting service. Thus, all your rent payment gets to show up in a credit report. Timely rent payment tends to act in your favor always.


  • Always dispute any fraud activities of errors in your credit report


How often do you take time out of your busy schedule to go through your credit report? Such a severe undertaking can make or break your credit history. There are frequent cases of identity theft than you can imagine. Never think that it can’t happen to you.


You need to be extra vigilant as any fraud fees, the illegal opening of accounts, and deliberate honest errors are a tip of the iceberg that can sink your credit history. Every so often, you out to check your credit report. Thus, you can ensure everything is spick and span, if not you need to contest any discrepancies to your card issuer or use SmartCredit dispute a credit report service.


  • Handle your debts amicably


In life, deficits tend to accumulate in one doesn’t have a financial management plan. You ought to have a detailed and straightforward procedure to pay all your loans. Be it personal loans, student loans, mortgages, among other types of loans. Some of these loans can hurt your credit and you get termed as a defaulter. Thus, to evade such a predicament, you need to have a responsible loan repayment system that you can adhere to always.


  • An authorized user


If you detest owning a credit card on your own, you can benefit from some else’s credit card. You can reach out to any responsible ally or relative who can allow you to become an authorized user in their credit card. It’s an excellent way for kids to build credit before they become of legal age, as they don’t necessarily have to be adults to start building a credit score.


Building a stellar credit history score requires utmost precision, time, and dedication. Take a deep breath as it isn’t anything that can be confusing. All you need is to learn how to build credit without a credit card and run with it. Within no time, you’ll have established top-notch credit history that you can be proud of.


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