If you’re ready to propose to the special lady in your life, make it a memorable moment. Being proposed to is something she might have been dreaming of for a long time. So, the actual moment should be something she cherishes forever, right? So, this holiday season, check out the wide variety of gorgeous engagement rings for women online and get ready to get down on one knee in style.

But you need not go over the top to treat her royally. Prince William asked Kate Middleton to marry him with a sapphire and diamond engagement ring as they were enjoying a lavish 10-day safari in Kenya, Africa. But Prince Harry simply proposed to Meghan Markle when the two were cooking dinner together.

So, take a look at the brilliant royal holiday proposal ideas below. These won’t need you to break the bank but will surely melt your woman’s heart.

Recreate Her Royal Fantasy

Everyone wants that perfect fairytale love story. Grant this wish with a royal proposal befitting a Disney Princess.

  • Be the Prince Charming for Your Cinderella

Have you opted for a destination proposal? As you walk with her, say, in a lush garden, take her to a scenic spot and propose to her amid a picturesque setting of flowers. Ask her, “Will you marry me?” with an exquisite Cinderella diamond engagement ring in white gold and blue topaz. She can’t help but say “Yes!”

  • Propose to Your Snow White

Doesn’t she believe, “Someday I’ll find my love, someone to call my own?” Yes, you are the one, and you can prove that to your Snow White. Get a gift holder that looks like an apple. Inside it, put a stunning Snow White diamond engagement ring in rose gold and sterling silver. Now, open the gift holder, almost like breaking the spell of the “apple,” and pop the question to win her “Yes!” right away.

  • Win Your Belle

Buy the famous Belle dress from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for your girlfriend. Keep it in her room and leave small notes all the way to the spot where you want to propose to her. Once she arrives all dressed up as the Disney Princess, propose with the Belle rose diamond engagement ring in white gold and rose gold. This is the symbol of eternal love from the heart-rending fairytale.

  • Sweep Your Elsa Off Her Feet

Want to this Christmas or New Year’s Day amid the snow and lights? Perfect! Recreate the fantasy land of Frozen in her favorite place. Choose the right spot beforehand to make the moment just perfect. Then propose to her with a dazzling Elsa snowflake engagement ring in white gold and capture her heart straight away!

On the other hand, this New Year, you could ask her to visit a “Whole New World” with you by giving her a Jasmine engagement ring! Or check out a diamond engagement ring inspired by the tale of Aurora, Rapunzel, Merida, Tinker Bell, or any other Disney Princess your girlfriend loves. Consider buying the ring from an online diamond jewelry store that offers official jewelry pieces from the Disney universe.

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Other Royal Proposal Ideas

  • Involve Your Furry Buddy

Dress up your cat, dog, or any other adored pet as a small royal officiant. Attach a tiny collar reading “Mom, will you marry my dad?” from the pet’s neck. Train your furry friend to go to your beloved with this message while you get down on one knee with a marvelous three-stone engagement ring or a bridal diamond ring. You can even dress the pet as a cute Santa with a small Santa hat! Go down on your knee and propose. You’ll surely win her “Yes!” or “I do!”

  • Propose Atop a Ferris Wheel

Does she love the movie, The Notebook? Great, then go for a unique royal proposal! Plan to ride the Ferris Wheel together, say this Christmas Day or on New Year’s Eve. As you both reach the top, ask her the special question with a marquise tanzanite and diamond engagement ring. Her cheeks will go red at once as she says the long-awaited “Yes!”.

Whether you wish to buy a diamond engagement ring or bridal ring for women, it’s best to shop from an online jewelry store for the widest range of choices and price tags! Look for bespoke rings if you want to make it really special. Make sure to check the size chart to find the right fit. And, don’t forget to check for attractive holiday season discounts, easy returns, and free shipping on a minimum purchase value.

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