Roses, Tulips, Carnations, and Stargazer Lilies have been the classic favorites of brides for years. While these are pretty obvious picks for weddings, in this article, we have selected a few unique but extravagantly pretty blooms that will make your wedding guests swoon! Here goes:

  1. Calla Lily

One of the prettiest flowers out there, these trumpet-like large blooms will add a touch of elegance to your wedding. Calla lilies are available in white, ivory, yellow, as well as deeper shades of red and pink. However, our favorite is the classic white for the bridal bouquet, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding with a fun theme. Calla lilies also make excellent wedding anniversary flowers.

  1. Hydrangea

A classy and sophisticated choice for weddings, the hydrangea bushel will grace your wedding with their beauty. Available in blue, white, and many other shades, hydrangeas look great in bridal bouquets, whether you choose monochrome or mix-and-match the shades. It is also a good choice for boutonnieres and decorations. Hydrangeas are available all year round, so that’s a plus, but they are delicate flowers that require lots of hydration and careful handling. So, it will probably not be a good choice for outdoor weddings.

  1. Peony

Peonies are so extraordinary in looks, both in terms of their color and shape. The pastel pink shade of peonies symbolizes femininity and beauty. Peonies are also delicate flowers that should be handled carefully. For the bridal bouquet, you can combine them with rose, carnations, or other flowers, or just go solo with them. Availability might be a problem with peonies since they have a comparatively shorter blooming time lasting from late spring to early summer. So, if you want peonies, plan ahead. Although, online flower delivery services can arrange them for you in a short notice. SnapBlooms offers the best same-day flower delivery service for you all over the country.

  1. Gardenia

Gardenias are exquisitely beautiful flowers with an intoxicating aroma. Including gardenias in your wedding flower arrangements in any way will beautify the whole atmosphere. For the bouquet, you can mix white or any other colors of rose in lighter shades, white carnations, or even bushes of hydrangeas to create an amazing look altogether. Having gardenias floating in water as centerpieces is another popular method of using this flower in weddings.

  1. Ranunculus

Ranunculus flowers are generally used as filler flowers for being so inexpensive yet so pretty. And if you think about it, they go so well with any expensive flowers like peony or rose. If you’re opting for a unique look, a bouquet made solely with these blooms will be a welcome change. Available in pink, orange, red, or white, ranunculus flowers offer you lots of options, and a huge room for stylistic freedom when it comes to creating wedding bouquets and decorations.

  1. Lilac

Amazingly fragrant and beautiful lilacs are great choices for weddings. The color purple or lilac in flowers denotes loyalty, respect, and faith. A bunch of lilacs will be a great wedding bouquet for the modern bride who follows the traditions, but at the same time ain’t afraid to play by her own rules. It is also perfect for boutonnieres. Lilacs can also be great choices for bridesmaid’s bouquets.

  1. Baby’s breath

When you think of wedding flowers, the name ‘Baby’s breath’ doesn’t immediately come to mind. Baby’s breath is most commonly used as filler flowers with contrasting shades of bigger blooms. Yet, this snowy white flower creates a stunning flower arrangement on its own. Baby’s breath is also perfect for decorations and will look awesome if you’re having a beach wedding, or a winter wedding outdoors.

  1. Anemone

Are you he quirky bride who’s not afraid of flaunting and donning the black in your bouquet as well as in your dress? We couldn’t find a flower more perfect for you. The anemone in black and white will set the bar apart and grab some eyeballs at the wedding. The uniqueness and charm of anemone is unmatched by any other blooms. even mixing a few anemone with traditional flowers like white rose or lily will create some exquisite bouquets for your wedding.

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