Are you going out on a date for the first time with someone you don’t know too well? Have you spent the proper time on the best dating sites?  Then you should definitely consider using a people-search website before you head out.


But why should you take this extra step and spend time researching the person you’ll be going out with? We’ve listed a few reasons below to help you understand the importance of this strategy.


You Might Be Going Out with Someone Who Has a Shady Past


Sometimes, people don’t always have the best intentions. It sounds scary, but it’s the harsh reality. There are scammers, thieves, and abusers out there that you need to be wary of, and if you don’t know someone very well but you are planning on meeting them in person, you might be putting yourself at risk.


Taking just a few minutes to use an online resource and do a bit of research into the person can give you greater insight into whether or not your potential date can be trusted. As an example, you can head over to Nuwber, type in the person’s name, and see what shows up. They might have a criminal record that you didn’t know about, or they might have been involved in a serious lawsuit. They might even be lying about who they really are or where they are from. And, by getting this information prior to going out for the first time, you can keep yourself safe by backing out of the date before it’s too late.


You Can Get to Know Them Better, and Verify Information, Before Your Date


Another reason to use a people-search website, as well as other resources, such as social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, is to get to know someone better before you spend time going on a date with them. Resources like these can tell you quite a bit about a person’s career, their family and friends, and their past. Plus, you can even see how they interact with other people in their life to see if it’s any different from how they interact with you. And you can look through photos to see if they have engaged in any activities that you don’t agree with.


Basically, social media is yet another way to research a potential date and verify that what the person is telling you is really true. For example, you can verify that they went to the school they claim they attended, or you can verify that they work at a particular company and live in a particular town. In other words, if you were talking to the person on a dating app or messaging app, and they shared information that’s different from the information you find on their social media pages, that’s a major red flag.


It’s Really All About Safety


In the end, if you decide to do research into someone that you’re planning on dating, you aren’t stalking them. Instead, you’re just taking a step to keep yourself safe, especially if you’ve never met them in person before and you’ve only interacted online.


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