Apart from communication another reason that couples give for splitting up is growing apart. it is common for couples who have been together for a while to experience this.  Growing apart can be caused by several reasons, including a lack of communication.

Growing apart in marriage happens gradually and it doesn’t happen just because you had a big argument. Most people once they get married stop doing the little things they used to do such as buying flowers or kissing your spouse goodnight. That is when the emotional disconnect begins.

There have been no studies done on this subject but below are a few reasons why you and your partner might be drifting apart from each other.

1.      Boredom

Relationships can sometimes get stuck in a rut. You might be having the same arguments all the time, the same routine everyday and nothing seems like it will change any time soon. It is up to you to change how you do things to avoid marriage from becoming dull.

It has been said that it is normally boring people who end up getting bored in their marriage. It is good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while and surprise your spouse. You have to work on changing yourself to change things in your marriage.

2.      Living separately

You can be together and live separate lives at the same time. Experts in marriage counseling in Boulder suggest that couples should spend at least one hour alone together daily. If you want to make your marriage last, then you should intentionally plan to spend time together with your partner.

This can be hard, especially for couples who have demanding jobs or spouses who give all their time to the children and forget to work on the relationship. Most couples end up realizing at the last minute after they have grown apart that they have not been spending enough time together.

3.      Stress

People cope with stress in different ways. Certain situations can put a lot of strain on a marriage, such as a sickness or having a baby. Being first-time parents can stress both you and your partner. It is how you deal with it that matters. Mothers can be overly emotional, while fathers become cold and withdrawn.

During such times, spouses withdraw from each other because they eventually become irritated with each other’s behavior. It is advisable to get help from professionals in marriage counseling in Boulder to help restore the connection between you two.

4.      Codependency

It is common in marriage for one partner to feel like they are the ones always making sacrifices. This can wear someone out emotionally, especially if their partner is not reciprocating or appreciating them. When a spouse gets tired of always putting their partner first, it strains the relationship, and they start to grow apart.

To have a successful and enjoyable marriage, both parties have to work together to keep the chemistry alive. If you value each other, you will value the relationship.

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