Sometimes you and your sweetie can get so busy with work, taking care of the kids, tackling household projects, checking in on your elderly parents, volunteering, and lately, trying to stay healthy during a pandemic that you may lose track of each other.

Despite your super busy schedules and multiple responsibilities, you definitely don’t want your significant other to get lost in the shuffle. Indeed, you love this person and appreciate all he or she does for you, and you hope your partner in life feels loved and special.

Whether you have an upcoming date night and want to make it extra special, or you’d like to add a bit of romantic zing just because, here are three thoughtful ways to impress your significant other:

1. Demonstrate Your Love

It can be easy to assume your spouse knows that you love and adore him or her. Then again, it’s still important to demonstrate your love to your significant other on a regular basis. They say it’s the little things that matter, so get her car washed — and gas it up while you are at it — slip a romantic card into his briefcase, send her an “I love you” text in the middle of the day, pour him a glass of his favorite beverage, and/or set up a midweek lunch date at your favorite taco shop. None of these things will cost much money, but they will go a long way in demonstrating, in a tangible way, how special your significant other is to you.

2. Make Date Night Extra Sexy

For date nights that have become a bit predictable in terms of doing the same activities over and over, it’s time to up the sexy ante more than a little bit. To reignite that flame, treat yourself or your love to some new lingerie like garters, teddies or camisoles and have the pieces ready and waiting in your bedroom. Then, when you return home and your boo thinks the evening is over, say it’s actually just getting started, and then show him or her the new lingerie. If you’re in need of new items, try an online lingerie store that will sure to have options for you! Indeed, buying new, sexy lingerie can truly help reignite the flame and impress your special someone.

3. Cook a Favorite Food

Maybe your guy raves about a special lasagna his mom used to make when he was little, or she loves fresh lemon meringue pie and has never found a great one at the supermarket. If either is the case, channel the saying, “The way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through his/her stomach” and surprise your sweetie with his or her favorite foods, all cooked with love by you. This could be part of a date night when the kids are down the block at a friend’s house, or it could be your Wednesday night dinner or dessert routine. So, text your mother-in-law for that lasagna recipe and/or browse recipes online to find a lemon meringue pie to make on your own.

Your Special Someone Deserves So Much

You love your sweetie with all your heart — and the last thing you want is for him or her to feel taken for granted. By planning a special date night and spicing it up with new lingerie, doing small but meaningful gestures throughout the week, and surprising him or her with their favorite food, you’ll go a long way in impressing your significant other while showing how much he or she means to you simultaneously.

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