This is a Save The Date rap video for Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah. I’d say this is the best Bar Mitzvah rap video I’ve ever seen! And NOT just because it’s the only Bar Mitzvah rap video I’ve ever seen, but that might have something to do with it. The totally kosher vid features catchy lyrics like “The party don’t start til I walk in and I’m not gonna leave until the thing ends” and “I been puttin’ it down here since 2000” which makes me feel all kinds of old. It even has cameos by Shaq, Ne-Yo, the mayor, and all sorts of other people that look confused as to where they are or why. Also, how to properly dance in a rap video. Just sayin’ considering the money Daniel’s dad shelled out for this thing, he probably could’ve afforded to hire a choreographer. Orrrrr some professional booty dancers. Either or, I’m not picky! (But between you and me, he should’ve gone with the booty dancers.)

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