Sir Fedora is a kid named C. Jackson who set up a YouTube channel just days ago. When his first video “The Start……” received a single Like, he made a video of his reaction. This is that video. It’s called “what Da (Bleep) happend.” I actually have no idea what da (Bleep) happend, but it is an absolute treat to watch. It’s also makes for a great listen, too. Just press play, close your eyes and let his enthusiasm fill your ear holes. Truly inspiring. In this vid Sir Fedora says he’s shooting for the 3-5 Like mark, but at the time of publishing, he’s at over 98,000 Likes. You know what they say! Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Sure that actually doesn’t make any sense because the moon is wayyyhayhayyyy closer than any stars, but who cares? Sir Fedora for President! No, wait — KING!

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  1. tilaa

    he did this already with his 45 twitter followers..i think he’s now over 16k

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