Most children had rather spend time with their friends than family any day of the week. With school, family, and other extracurricular activities, there is only minimal time for children to spend with their friends. It is totally up to the parent as to how much time should be spent socializing with friends. Fortunately, most parents understand the importance of close friends, which is why they host frequent sleepovers. Below, you will discover a list of tips to help you plan the best-ever sleepover for your child.


Set A Budget


Fortunately, sleepovers do not tend to cost a lot of money. With only a few dollars on-hand, you can throw an amazing sleepover for three or four children. Of course, you will need to be in charge of the entertainment if you go that route. If not, you can spend your time relaxing in the tub or in front of the fire while the entertainers do all the work for you.


Hire A Caterer


Some parents wouldn’t think of hiring a caterer for their child’s sleepover. Well, they should because a catering service could be very beneficial. Hiring a licensed caterer will remove the food preparation responsibilities from your to-do list. The caterer will prepare and serve the meal to the children. And, take care of all the clean-up afterward. While the caterers are working their magic, you can spend your downtime playing games online [valid where legal] at


Make A Snack Food List


All children enjoy eating snack foods when watching movies, reading books, and relaxing with their friends. You will need some snack foods for your child’s sleepover. But, be sure to tread lightly because there is always the potential of upsetting another parent.


Choose snack foods that are healthy, low-calorie, and does not contain ingredients that are highly known for food allergies. The best way to ensure you do not feed a child food he/she is allergic to is to consult with the parents. Ask the parents of the children who are invited to the sleepover what types of foods they enjoy and may be allergic to. This will help rule out any potential surprises that may lead you to the emergency room.


Choose A Theme


Regardless of the children’s gender, there is a long list of themes to choose from. With that said, you must take your child’s interests at heart when choosing a theme for the sleepover. This may be the perfect time to get your child involved in the planning process. Ask your child for some ideas, instead of just taking it upon yourself to choose a theme rashly, which could end in catastrophe.


Some theme ideas for boys include camping, LEGO, Marshmallow Gun, scavenger hunt, Superman, Batman, treasure hunt, or Nerf. For girls, matching pajamas, movie night, ice cream sundae, Barbie Doll, Little Chef’s, spa night, and dress up. All of these themes are suitable for young girls and boys of all ages. But, again, it would be a good idea to get recommendations for your child first.


Handcrafted Invitations


Hosting a sleepover can be just as fun as you make it. To keep things interesting, you can make homemade invitations. Utilize the theme of the sleepover as the base of the invitations. Include the date, time, and location in the invitations. You can also include your child’s name to keep things on a more personal level.


If you are not going to invite every student in your child’s class, you will need to be discrete when handing out the invitations. Do not give them to your child to pass out during school because the children not invited to the sleepover will feel left out. Instead, try snail mailing or hand-delivering to the parents.




The experts cannot express enough the importance of friendships. Every child needs a close friend they can talk to and rely on during the tough times. Sleepovers are perfect for building new friendships and catching up on old friendships. To ensure your child and his/her guests have the best adventure of a lifetime, you will need to get your child involved in the planning. The child will provide suggestions and recommendations, taking all of the guesswork out of the planning.

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