Bringing your dogs on walks is all fun and games until they decide that they have had enough of the leash and sprint off. Many fur parents are afraid of this happening as it could lead to their pet getting hurt or with their dog hurting someone else. So, they keep their dogs close with leads tight in their hands.

Unbeknownst to them, the best way to prevent their dogs from running with a loose lead is to actually train the dog to behave well even when it is not on a leash. Many would argue, however, that this type of activity is not for everyone. Some owners are simply more comfortable with their dogs on a leash as they enjoy some leisure time outside. So, how do you call them back when they run? Read here for the best tips 

Why Does My Dog Run When It Goes Off Leash

There are many reasons why your dog would run. It could be due to something it wants to chase, it is scared of something, or it is simply excited with it’s new found freedom — but it all truly boils down to poor training. 

A dog who was taught to stay in place would not chase a squirrel that is taunting it from a foot away. It may take lots of patience, treats, and repetition but any dog can be a well-behaved dog with the right guidance from their owner.

But what if you had not trained them yet when they run off, what does a dog owner do then?

Catching the Runaway Dog

Once your excited dog has pulled away from the lead, it will go anywhere and everywhere. As an anxious owner, it is instinct to yell for them in panic and chase them. But that’s the last thing you should do. Here are five steps on how you can get your dog back:

Stay put. Don’t chase your dog. 

When you run towards them at full speed in an attempt to catch them, you will either make them think you’re playing or scare them off. This will then urge them to run much faster. Stay where you are and call out to them.

Use a happy, high-pitched voice to call your dog

When you are calling for the dog, make sure that your voice does not sound threatening. A happy high-pitched tone is more effective in luring your dog back to you. They will not feel scared and avoid you.

Use command words that you have practiced 

If you have started training your dog, you can use the commands that you have taught them. These are usually words like “come here” or “here”. Say them as you call your pet. 

Show treats and reward

As you call your pet, you can show treats or toys to bait them into coming back. When it works, make sure to reward them with the treat or toy to enforce the behavior.  

When all else fails, ignore them.

It might seem like the worst thing to do, but it is not. Use reverse psychology on your dog. If you have tried everything yet nothing has worked, stop. Sit and watch them. They will eventually get curious and stroll back to you. Do not, however, abruptly react when they do. There’s a chance that they will run off again at the sight of any reaction from you.

Train Your Dog To Come Back When Called

Preventing an incident is better than remedying it. To avoid having to chase your dog when it gets off-leash, train it to come back when you call.

Making dogs react to their name is easy. It does not matter what age your dog is when they join your household or community, they will eventually learn what their name is because you call them by it constantly. The real challenge is to ensure that they come to you when you call for them. By mastering this, you will have less problems dealing with your off-leash dog.

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