This is a really chill video of a snake experiencing zero gravity. It (the video, not the snake) is a couple years old, but I haven’t seen it! Plus yesterday was World Snake Day, so… we should celebrate, I guess? But to be honest, if I had known I probably wouldn’t have left the house. Nothing personal, snakes, but I’m with Indiana Jones when it comes to all y’all: nooo thank you. Regardless, it’s pretty interesting to watch the guy moving around all willy nilly like that, but it also makes me wonder: is this rude to do? I mean, imagine is you’re just doing your human thang and then some giant snakes wearing lab coats come and scoop you up, stick you in a Tupperware bin, blast you into zero gravity, and then film your reaction to allllllllll of that. Right? Sounds like some real nightmare kinda shit! I’m getting real scared just thinking about it.

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  1. The Lurch

    I’m like you about snakes. To me, there’s only 2 types of snakes… dead ones and live ones…. and I prefer the dead ones……

  2. roma813

    …WHY is the snake being subjected to zero gravity? It seems a little cruel to do this just for giggles. Would people think it was so funny if there was a kitten confusedly bumping around mid-air? (I happen to like snakes)

  3. Jeremy Blake

    Well, you’re a moron.

  4. Eric Willard

    What made this stupid is, they obviously kept fluctuating the gravity level by turning it on and off. Make it 0 gravity and leave it to see how the snake moves. I bet it doesn’t move at all.

  5. Bill Nye

    The snakes flying up and down as a result of the powerful movements of it’s muscles. Muscles make up more than half of an entire snake. Please validate your statement before posting.

  6. GGOO

    Turn what off and on? Do you think they’ve got antigravity rooms??? It’s the parabolic flight of an airplane that creates the weightlessness. It also accounts for the fluctuations since it’s not an exact science

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