This is a sweet story about a man and his dog. When 73-year-old James Wathen was admitted into the hospital, he was forced to part with Bubba, his one-eyed Chihuahua. As a result, James took a turn for the worse and, it turns out, his little pup had too. Going against the hospital’s NO PETS ALLOWED rule, the staff secretly arranged for the two to be reunited. This is a video of that. Apparently the duo have been doing worlds better ever since. So, valid question: how comfortable are you with openly weeping at your desk? If you answered “Not very,” stop. This will end in tears. If your answer is “Extremely,” then carry on — this is primo wail at your desk material! That said, your chill attitude in regard to bawling like a little baby at the workplace is pretty bizarre, but hey, different strokes for different folks. Some people cry on the job, other people hide in the utility closet to avoid doing any work. I’m not judging! Just don’t tell anyone I’m in here.

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Via: The Independent