First there was the Cat Quadracopter. That gave me nightmares. Nightmares and day terrors, if we’re being honest. Now there’s this Ostrich Quadracopter and I’m never going to sleep again. The flying monstrocity was created by visual artist Bart Jansen and technical engineer Arjen Beltman. The only thing that could make this better is if it dropped eggs. I’m sorry, did I say better? I meant worse. The only thing that could make this thing worse. These guys have clearly crossed the line. Which line? Well, a lot of them. All of them. There’s never even been a ‘Ostrich Quadracopter’ line before because there’s never had to be one in the past. Man, I miss those days. You know, the days before remote controled taxidermied animal quadracopters existed.

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Via: Gizmodo