This is a video posted by Youtuber elliotpennypacker. It features two little bunnies slurping down some watermelon. The one on the left maintains a thousand yard stare while watermelon drips out of his mouth and onto his lips, turning them pink. It’s been real, guys, but now I am dead. Not so bad being a ghost, actually. I don’t know what I was so deathly (LOL!!!!!1) afraid of, it’s actually pretty chill. Ooh, BRB gonna go haunt my asshole neighbors. Annnnnd I’m back. Turns out, not dead. But I did get the cops called on me, so BRB for real this time. It might be awhile. I got priors!

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  1. Wicasawakan

    looks like raw flesh..grrrr

  2. Erkan Yesilkan

    they are so cute