Senior dog adoption is one of the most selfless things you can do. Senior pets have just as much love to give as young ones, they just need a little more accommodation. You may be considering adopting a senior dog or be trying to make life more comfortable for your aging furry friend. These seven tips will help you improve your home for their convenience. After all, age doesn’t need to keep a good dog down.

Tackle the Stairs

For canines with arthritis, moving can become painful and difficult. Seniors are also more prone to falls or injuries from the stairs. Porch steps can be improved with a simple ramp, but full staircases will have to be closed off with a baby gate. To go the extra mile, you can look into home lifts. A domestic lift can fit pets of all sizes, including ones that require mobility assistance. They’ll be able to accompany you anywhere in the home without difficulty, and the human household members will get just as much out of the ease and convenience a life provides.

Raise Food and Water Bowls

You can get a stand for pet bowls that make eating and drinking more comfortable. Seniors may struggle to lay down and sit up, so raising their dishes closer to their faces can ease some of the pressure on their joints.

Add Stairs to the Bed

If your dog loves to nap on your bed and cuddle up at night, make it easier for them to reach their favorite spot with some pet bed stairs. These steps are suitable for every breed, and they can also prevent injuries from jumps and falls that many smaller dogs suffer.

Add Slip-Proof Covers to the Floor

Hardwood floors can be a challenge for senior humans and pets. Their slick material can cause slips, sprains and even broken bones if your dog is moving quickly and skids. Consider adding some plush area rugs and a slip-resistant plastic runner at entry ways. This will help your four-legged friend move around more comfortably. You can even look into foam play mats that are easy to clean. Many are reversible with stylish designs that can enhance rather than distract from your home decor.

Invest in Blankets and Sweaters

Some older dogs are not able to regulate their body temperatures easily. Small dogs and breeds like the Whippet and Italian Greyhound are particularly susceptible to catching a chill. Make sure their bed is always cozy and warm with blankets, and get them a sweater to wear when it’s a bit cold out.

Potty Pads

As they age, some pets struggle to control their bladders like they used to. Those that are house-trained may avoid going if they can’t make it outside, which leads to urinary tract infections. To prevent this, add some potty pads that your pet can use. This is particularly beneficial for a dog with incontinence.

Pet Massager

Soothe sore muscles and joints with a senior pet massage. There are a variety of handheld devices that you can use to make them more comfortable. Ask your vet before trying any massage tactics to ensure you only bring them relief. Even if you mean well, pressing on certain areas can actually cause pain. Your vet will be able to tell you the best way to massage your pet, and they may be able to recommend some additional therapies as well. Aqua therapy is wonderful for dogs who have arthritis as it removes pressure from the joints while strengthening muscles and keeping them active.

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