Tents, sleeping bags, firewood, and s’mores — breathing the fresh open air while squatting around the campfire. Camping is an activity that anyone can do to free themselves from the city’s busy life. Going on a camping trip, especially with groups of friends, are most fun and memorable when enjoyed by doing all-out activities together.

There is a saying that “memories are better shared” rather than making them alone. It is always more fun with loved ones, experiencing every moment — the good and the ugly ones. A companion is an essential component in trips like this; a companion can be anyone who you are comfortable with — may it be a human or a man’s best friend, a dog.

Why you should do it

A dog is a man’s best friend — this is a well-known fact. Dogs and canine companions are the most caring and understanding beings that roam the earth. A special connection can be developed between humans and canines, especially when doing interactive activities like strolling, swimming, and of course, camping; friends at MyOpenCountry.com can vouch for it.

Not only are they good partners to have with, but they are good companions who can guide and protect you on outdoor trips like this. Why is that so? All canines acquire these senses, which trigger them most in a natural habitat. It’s like a switch that has been turned on; they must use their senses as a way of survival and protection.

How you should do it

Usually, campsite areas tend to be shareable by many campers. Bringing your pet dog may seem like a unique way to spend your camp day and might throw off some sharers. So it is best to follow some courteous habits in taking care of your pet while in a public camping area.

Keep the leash on

Although your pup may be friendly and well-behaved, it is common courtesy to keep them on their leashes for most of the time being. Not everyone is familiar with your companion; some may be shaken by the thought of having a pet dog within the camp’s vicinity. So, to be safe and respectful to others, dogs must be on their leashes to ensure the best behavior.

Do not overwork them.

There are many activities in camps; hiking, hunting, strolling, literally anything under the sun. It is a way to de-stress yourself and your companion from the buzz of the modern cities, so it can be said that you tend to get a little overboard with playing around. Yet, rest is also important during fun times.

Dogs are also living beings that need enough breathers. Besides, camping trips are meant to be recreational and relaxing, at the same time; having breaks is essential for the outing to be truly enjoyable.

Listen to their needs.

As man’s best friend and living beings, dogs also need tender loving care by rational beings like us, their human partners. Owning a pet dog is already a big responsibility; given to care for another life, one must be thoughtful of their essential needs. The needs of a canine during camping trips are much more vital as sudden situations may happen.

It is best to prepare the intended equipment for camping with dogs. Special tents, sleeping mats, fur and paw protectors are available in the market now, specially made for active fur babies that are always on the road to explore. With that, the essentials like water, food, and hygiene tools must also be sufficiently brought to benefit a dog’s everyday needs.

What you should do

You are almost set to have the best camping experience with your pet pals. Extra preparatory steps are always a good precautionary measure for every expedition for safety purposes.

Check the destination

The place where you are about to set camp is vital to know. It must be a suitable environment for both the owner and the dogs. Its location, weather patterns, geographical landscapes, and other sources or amenities all make a difference in knowing if the camp destination is safe and secure for you and your pet.

Dog’s Health and Training

A dog must be somehow oriented into what they will experience and what they must do in a new environment. The campsite will have various activities and new things that a pup must be familiar with to avoid confusion and further problems—checking your dog’s conditions before the trip to ensure that the camping experience will flow into your desires.

Final Thoughts

Going on a trip to escape the stressful whir of everyday routines by camping with your pet friends sounds such a fun ordeal to experience. Enjoy the best days out just by following simple steps in this guide to set a safe and secured camping trip. Dogs and humans always had a special type of connection, upping it by living the best camp days with your best pet pal.

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