Modern dating has simplified the way of finding true love. It is as easy as swiping your finger right or left on your mobile screen. Back in 2013, an article in The New York Times described how dating someone in the past required planning and courage. It also went on to explain the perks of online dating that everyone now enjoys. But in the article, there was no mention of the community that largely benefits from digital dating. It completely overlooked the LGBTQ community altogether.


LGBTQ needs online dating more than anyone

Unlike the advantages that their straight counterparts enjoy, the LGBTQ community doesn’t often get the same opportunities of traditional courtship behavior. Although some countries have legalized gay marriage, many still frown upon such couples; not to mention the cruel punishments they must face in the countries where the 377-rights are not yet legal. Online dating is their only way out to bypass the scrutiny of people around them secretly, especially in cities like Paris where many choose to use dating sites like LOveSita to protect their information and identity from the prying eyes of society.

The problem with straight people is that they become judgmental whenever they see a gay couple. It is almost like a reflex that they turn around to check out the two guys holding on to each other’s arms while walking across the street.

Not just gays and lesbians, dating apps are becoming more popular among transgenders too. It is tough for them to find a lover because most countries are partial to the straight community when it comes to providing jobs and equal opportunities. This community is entirely isolated, and that makes it difficult for them to interact with people.

For them, online dating is a boon. It offers them a platform to find their life partner just like it does to the straight community. You can create an account, make the subscription payment, and select your sexual preference. The app or website will automatically suggest potential matches that you can accept or pass.


The convenience of online dating

Online dating is the perfect solution in countries that still don’t believe in gender equality. Since online dating apps don’t disclose your details outside the app, you can rely on it to find someone in your community. The websites narrow down your choices according to your profile bio. They work on your likes and dislikes and present a formidable list of potential matches to choose from. The more potential matches you have, the more chances of finding the love of your life from the website.

Love is a universal feeling. It does not follow the rules of the race, color, religion, and sexual preference. Most importantly, everyone should have a right to love freely and publicly. But the reality is slightly different in many countries. So, to ensure that you live outside this bubble, try registering to online dating apps and websites. Don’t let anybody hold you down for something that you have equal rights for.


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