Although DUI is mostly a non-violent crime, it has become a rising issue in the United States. DUI or Driving Under the Influence is rampant, especially in Florida, which is why they aggressively prosecute those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. When you hear the term DUI, people automatically think of the word “drunk driving,” but there are also other influences that still can cause accidents or any crime that might be even worse than drunk driving. You can be under the influence of marijuana, street drugs, or medical prescriptions, which can escalate to any other crime.

Sometimes you just seem drunk, but the truth is that you are just sleepy and tired. Even if this crime is not that serious, this is still accompanied by heavy penalties, fines, probation, community service, DUI classes, and even incarceration. If you went to second offense, then it would lead you to be considered guilty of felony DUI. That is why you have to treat it like any other crime and get a DUI attorney to defend your side. Choosing a DUI attorney is crucial and something that you must give time to, so here are some tips to help you choose the right DUI attorney.

Conduct your own research.

List down the details about the top DUI lawyers in your place. If you’re from Florida, Meltzer & Bell Law Firm is one of the best Palm Beach DUI attorneys out there. You can include the addresses, email, and phone numbers of the lawyers. It’s better to do your research so you’ll be informed and educate yourself on the process. Maybe try to connect with the people around you. They might connect you with recommended lawyers/attorneys.

Choose an experienced Attorney

It would be best if you chose an attorney with a lot of experience in cases with DUI or felony drunk driving situations. Remember that when you get arrested for DUI, you only have a little time to act. That is why you need an attorney to work with this kind of atmosphere and act quickly without hesitation. If you get hold of an experienced attorney, then he may be able to convince the DMV not to suspend your driving license at the hearing.

Knows how to defend you at all cost

The DUI attorney must know how to refute the mentioned issue thrown at you no matter how apparent the crime is. He must defend you and look for ways to get you off the hook. For example, the attorney might come up with defenses like stating that the arresting officer failed to use the BAC properly. There are times when drivers refuse a BAC test. Although this may also go against the driver in a hearing, a smart attorney can state that you were not aware of the consequences of refusing the test. 

Knows how to interact

Some lawyers tend to avoid building rapport with their clients to focus on their job and always be objective. You have to avoid those kinds of lawyers and look for a DUI attorney that will interact with you. The interaction will allow you to know how your attorney works, or your attorney can give you tips to prevent any crime from happening again.

Meet up with them first.

It is important to give a face to face interview with your DUI attorney and let them know you well. You can also get to know him/her more and open up your questions to him/her. It is also essential to question the lawyer regarding the number of clients he represents at a time. You have to know if he can give his full attention to you. If the lawyer handles too many cases at a time, then he might not be quick to act when things might get too rough.

Have a gameplan

Both of you must have your gameplan if you wish to win the case. It would be best if you cooperate with your attorney. Both of you must know every detail and give instructions like listing down what actually happened, why the officer stopped you, not missing a tiny bit of detail. The words and actions of the officer can be used to defend you during your hearing. So sit down with your lawyer and have a thorough discussion.

Accidents might happen anytime. You are always at a 50/50 risk and no matter how careful you’ll be, it might still happen to you. You might win the case or not, as long as your safe and the other party is unharmed that would be better than sending either one to the morgue. If all things are great, you can always choose to avoid situations like this. Ride safe!

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