Some of the biggest ways law firms get clients is through referrals. Since word of mouth is a big trust factor, a referral will more than likely turn into a client. There are five key factors in securing referrals, all of which goes a long way for the firm. Expert Houston car accident lawyer Hank Stout dives deep into what makes a great referral. Read below to find out how you can secure a client with a referral.

Offer Great Service

Great service offered by key professionals goes a long way. Not only does it mean success among a company, but it helps retain clients for future potential cases. The better the service, the more satisfied your clients are. This means that the more they will refer your law firm to other potential clients.

For starters, great service begins with great customer service. Attention to detail, intentional presence, and consistent communication are just some of the ways to draw referrals in.

Build Relationships

With great service comes the need to maintain relationships. Even if you are able to retain a client, there is no need for them to give you referrals. It all comes down to their interpersonal relationships.

As for professionals, however, it is a bit easier. With fellow attorneys, a referral arrangement can be sorted. Lawyers can expect to grow their own business by earning referrals fees or by getting referrals from other lawyers. Since most lawyers work with a few practice areas, clients that are geared towards outside those practice areas will most likely be referred out.

Accident lawyers aren’t always the kinds of professionals working with your clients. Cultivating relationships with professionals in other fields that work with your clients can also aid in referrals. These professionals include financial planners or realtors.

Utilize Social Media

Amazingly, social media is one of the best channels for referrals, especially since it’s a way to keep relationships alive online. For law firms, social media profiles should be updated regularly with news, client testimonials, and articles relevant to your firm and industry.

Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are great for social media channels. Posting consistently shows potential clients that your practice is thriving.

Track Referrals

Once referrals begin to come in, it’s important to keep track of all you come in contact with. Implementing a system of tracking your referrals is the next step. Being organized with your referrals is vital in order to maintain retention and develop success.

Promote Yourself

Last but not least, creating a promotional piece is a great way to keep a referral. A common example is a one-page flyer with all the law firm’s information on it. You can give this flyer out to your network, partners, and past clients.

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