Are you planning to move abroad or already living there? Are you wondering if you can cope up with the language barriers? Well, with new people, new culture, and new jobs, you’ll already have a lot on your plate. Chill! Learning English while you are abroad is not rocket science! There are a number of tips and tricks you can use for learning quickly.

 Here, have a look:

1.   Let native speakers be your friends!

Surround yourself with native speakers. Be friends with them. You can also live with them. You can join some volunteering programs with the natives. Learning is always fun with friends. They’ll crack a joke! Because you were not pressurized to learn that. It just naturally stays in your memory.

What goes in comes out! You’ll listen to English all day long with those friends and gradually that vocab and phrases will start coming out. Fluently.

2.   Get a Tutor

Sign up for that English Tutor Brisbane! What better than a mentor or guide? You will get the basics; you can work on your grammar, editing, and communication skills. There’s nothing like learning from an expert, isn’t it?

Getting a tutor will help you get one on one attention. He/she will analyze where you stand, what kind of help you need, and what are the areas which need to be worked upon and which need extra attention.

3.   Please Read!

It would help if you read a lot. Your favorite novel, that children’s book, some movie gossip in the newspaper, whatever makes you happy! Just read. You’ll learn the correct sentence formation. You’ll understand how and when to use the phrases, and of course, your grammar and punctuation will improve.

The reading forms the basis. When you read, you write better, and you speak more fluently. Also, it increases your knowledge base. So you can participate in discussions! So even if it’s a small paragraph, make sure you read regularly.

  • Watch!

That sounds fun, right? Learning doesn’t need to be boring and old-school. Watch some English series on Netflix. Watch that Oscar-winning English movie. Watch your favorite celebrity being interviewed on YouTube. Watch that sports match. Watch whatever you like! Have fun. Enjoy the process.

Watching helps in learning faster. Your pronunciation gets clear. You can begin watching with subtitles, and gradually you can turn them off. Watch things that interest you; only then will you retain faster.

4.   Listen

You will have to work on your listening skills so that you can respond better. You can make a habit of listening to podcasts, hear stories online, hear English news, hear English radio channels, etc.

Most importantly, listen to English music! How about a weekend Karaoke night as well? Learning through music also improves your memory. You tend to repeat things, and your comprehension power also improves.

5.   Be inquisitive and note that down!

You should have that inquisitiveness to learn, and nobody can stop you then! Ask questions. Feed your curious mind.

Carry a notepad or use Evernote on your smartphones and note down that new vocabulary, those patterns, idioms, anything!

6.   Keep speaking what you know!

Do not hesitate to speak about what you know and what you have learned. The maximum possibility is that you will be wrong. So someone will correct you. There is nothing to lose!

7.   Use creative ideas

Who said it is supposed to be boring? Bring out your creative side and use interesting ways to teach yourself:

  •     You can have a bulletin board in your room where you can stick quotes, new words, illustrations, etc.
  •     You can look for some mnemonics to memorize things quicker.
  •     Make flashcards.
  •     Mimic some celebrities in the mirror.
  •     You can label things in your house in English using sticky notes.

Do things that would make you your favorite teacher!

8.   Practice

Everything demands practice! Make a schedule for yourself and practice daily. Work on your reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Distribute activities to strengthen all these areas throughout your day. You can also download some apps that make you practice. There’s never a shortcut, and there is no substitute for practice. Give yourself goals and set time limits. Let there be short and long term goals both. Be strict with yourself and do it for yourself!

Use a combination of these tips and tricks at your convenience. Trust and enjoy the process. Take it slow and never lose your heart when you make mistakes. An optimistic attitude is like a catalyst!

With the internet and so many sources at our disposal, learning has never been easier. We are a lucky generation to have amazing technologies to teach us. Make the best use of the resources available.

And yes, once you learn it, don’t forget to treat and appreciate yourself! Self-pats on the back, please!

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