Peace, love, and tranquility reign as the Libra full moon shines overhead (at 2:55 PM EDT) and brings the world back into balance.

Take out the rose-colored lenses. Since it occurs in April, when the spring flowers are in bloom, the Full Moon in Libra is also the Pink Full Moon for this year. John Lennon, Alfred Nobel (recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize), and Gandhi are all members of the harmonious zodiac sign Libra. Under the influence of the moon, Gandhi’s advice to “be the change you wish to see in the world” will seem to be the solution to a lot of problems. Learning about different combinations like the leo sun libra rising capricorn moon can help guide you in understanding these changes.

Can the full moon in Libra bring the planet back into balance?

The Libra full moon shines its balancing beams into a troubled world. Vladimir Putin is an illustration of a Libra who has veered sharply away from pacifist values. Take note of any areas of your life where you may have tipped toward an unhealthy extreme.

This weekend, don’t be shocked if some old problems come to the surface. The secret is to lead with love and keep in mind that you are still seated on the same side of the table at the end of the day. How can a compromise be made that appears to have everyone’s interests in mind?

Libra full moon: here are six ways to embrace the power of “we.”

1. A Justice League membership

A social media campaign can increase support for an important cause by motivating those who do not have the means to give.

Is someone being forgotten in your family, at school, or in your neighborhood? How can you help those who lack access to particular advantages or resources? You might be motivated to think of ways to level the playing field as a result of the equity-based Libra energy in the air.

2. Define your connections.

Are you admitted or excluded? The sign of Libra represents the midpoint of the zodiac, the point at which the focus of astrological energy changes from “me” to “we”. According to today’s birthday horoscope website. If your relationships, whether they be romantic or professional, don’t reflect your values, you may feel unsatisfied around the time of the Libra full moon.

Libra is the diplomat of the zodiac, and this full moon will help to maintain calm during negotiations. To account for social isolation and other changing circumstances, such as work-from-home requirements, you might need to adjust the workload. Talk about various scenarios.

3. Get your opposite at the Libra Full Moon.

Are you still looking for the “missing puzzle piece”? While the common ground is a lovely unifying force, cast your searchlight a little farther in the direction of the full moon on April 16.

Libra is aware that opposites attract. Don’t automatically call a BFF or your “work wife” for help if you find yourself in a rut. Instead, venture outside your comfort zone. Reaching out to a new person can be much more fruitful.

4. Put your heart and your art on display.

Libra is aware of the influence great style can have on your appearance. Let the full moon in Libra teach you how to communicate effectively with images. Play with apps that allow you to change your hairstyle virtually. Follow tattoo and makeup artists on Instagram for inspiration.

It might be beneficial to speak with a qualified stylist who can help you develop a signature look. This Fashion Feng Shui expert can assist you in using the five elements (water, wood, fire, metal, and earth) to find clothing that compliments your body type.

5. Practice peaceful communication

What distinguishes hysterical yelling from diplomatic conflict resolution? We think your “fight” has malicious intent if both parties truly want to find a win-win solution. Honest disagreement is frequently a good sign of progress, as Mahatma Gandhi put it. Even if you don’t agree with the other person’s principles, you can still respect their right to them.

Libra full moon is an excellent time to start learning the finer points of anger control. Rise above a conflict of wills and look for a middle ground. NVC teaches how to listen with empathy and try to understand the emotion underlying the rant, rather than retaliate.

6. Strive for balance

As within, so without; as above, so below. Examine your habits, your house, and your diet during the full moon in Libra in 2023. Where did the balance go wrong?

Stabilizing at home

Take a page from tidying guru Marie Kondo’s book and restore some calm to your haven. Let the Libra full moon set your cleaning project in motion, whether you want to go all-out minimalist or just focus on one public space. However, keep an aesthetic component, even when organizing closets and drawers.

Our Home Reset course will assist you in realigning your home for maximum manifestation in addition to decluttering! Find out how to attract wealth through your kitchen and front door. Find out how to arrange your bedroom for intimacy and sound sleep. Even the numerology of your address can alter the atmosphere in your house. All of that is covered in this course.

improving your diet

Have you been abusing stimulants like caffeine or consuming too many spicy foods? Find out how acidic versus alkaline foods rate on the pH scale. Try including a few more of the alkalizing foods on this chart of acid-alkaline foods. You don’t have to go to extremes like Libra Gwyneth Paltrow did when she once went through a macrobiotic phase and ate miso soup for breakfast and dinner. Even just adopting the phrase “all things in moderation” as your mantra can result in a sea change.

assisting your body while working

Many of us rely on stress and adrenaline to get through our workdays. Where can you be more alert, aware, and composed when it comes to your money and job? Lower back is ruled by Libra as well. Look into standing desk options or create your own if you require more spinal support, which many of us do.

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