Whenever we think of wall art, the living room or bedroom, or gallery automatically comes to our mind. The eye-catching designs of wall artwork will capture the attention of your guests.

But have you ever thought about hanging abstract wall art on your kitchen wall?

No, right?

It is not a common practice to decorate your kitchen with wall art. But by doing so, you can transform the whole look and feel of your kitchen in no time.

Like your living or bedroom space, your kitchen walls deserve some attention too. So, here are some fantastic wall art ideas for your kitchen.

Using photography

Black and white photography might not be something that comes to your mind when you think about decorating your kitchen. But trust us, it can work wonders!

If you have dark cabinets, you can place oversized black and white photographs for an elegant, dimensional appeal. Rather than buying from the market, you can also consider printing and framing your shots. It can be anything – a portrait, landscape, or vacation photo.

Check that space above cabinets

If there are spaces above your kitchen cabinets, you can use that top space to hang your art prints. Apart from the usual decorative pictures, you can put quirky objects or any other fun stuff that you like to lift your kitchen decor. However, the area is prone to get dirty and accumulate dust, as regular cleaning is impossible. So ensure that you can clean the space and decorative items properly at given intervals.

Create a focal point

If you have a space above your sink, you can make some use of that. It would act as a focal point of your kitchen decor. The pop of color on the art piece would make working in the kitchen a lot more fun. It will also be a great addition if you do not have a kitchen window nearby. The piece would act as your scenery.

Go abstract

Do you have a big wall or two beside your kitchen counter? If so, do not hesitate to decorate it with abstract wall art. It would add a fun touch to your kitchen decor. If you have a kitchen designed in nude tones, add a pop of bright colors through the prints. You can also opt for contrasting colors that would complement each other nicely. The endpoint is to create a look that’s unique and elegant yet fun.

Use bold and graphic

If you love the bold and graphic design, you can opt for that in your kitchen. Make use of the blank space around your cabinet. You can take a board and create a chalk art design. Or, you can take the whole wall space up and use chalk paint on it. That would be your perfect space to write down the grocery list. This is a perfect idea for someone who would like to add a unique touch to their kitchen interiors.

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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