If you are an art enthusiast and have an art collection consisting of paintings, handicrafts, especially bronze sculptures, having a bronze casting foundry nearby can be extremely helpful. The expertise at the foundry will help you with all your projects, they can also help you with the repair of old sculptures. 

They Can Help You With Making Molds

The foundry will surely have experts to make the best molds. The use of 3d software will surely help create a mold that is precise to the minutest detail. You can get these molds made for your art projects or if you have a custom order from a client.

Lost Wax Casting Process

This process has been used since 3000 BC. The product is highly accurate and so it is loved by the people in the art industry and manufacturing industry. This art form has high durability and longevity. 

The foundry can make you custom sculptures of whatever you want. The statue can be made according to your need. 

Crating Services 

Any well-reputed foundry will provide you with packaging services for your bronze sculptures. They will have sealed air foam to pack your delicate artwork and will make you a custom crate for a larger sculpture. 

Bronze Repair Work

Art collections require care-taking otherwise they can get destroyed. Such unfortunate accidents can happen and if it happens with a bronze artwork you might need help from a bronze casting foundry. 

They have experts who can repair your artwork while maintaining its beauty. They will also help in maintaining your bronze sculptures. 

Waxing services can stop further oxidation of your bronze sculptures/artwork

Other Products

Sometimes when you create a piece of artwork, you are left clueless about how you should showcase your creation. Bronze casting foundries also have quality bases for your artwork. These bases come in standard sizes and you can order online as well.

The foundry can produce custom fabrication in other types of metals as well. 

Skill Training At A Foundry 

Foundries have started training people with different skills such as teaching them the art of making sculptures and mold making. They teach you the traditional ways of lost-wax casting and bronze casting. 

They want to transfer the knowledge and skill they have to the next generation so these skills are not lost. 

If you are an art student, it is recommended for you to visit a foundry so you can learn what techniques and skills they use.

The Future Of Bronze Casting Foundries

In recent years the condition of foundries has improved and they are safer to work. A foundry run by experienced workers will always want the skills to pass on to new people. 

The incorporation of computer-aided design in designing artworks and then printing them with a 3D printer has made this work a lot easier. In the future, these foundries can increase their production by using the latest technology as a result their revenue will go up.

These foundries can also make digital archives of artwork eliminating the need for physical storage. 

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