A country proud of its multicultural, democratic heritage, Australia has got to be one of the best countries to live in in the Southern Hemisphere. With its buzzing, cosmopolitan cities and beautiful Outback, there’s a lot to be said for living here.

It is possible to get a Permanent Resident visa status to live here, so why go through all the hassle of applying for full Australian citizenship? Let’s take a look at five of the best reasons.

  1. Protection from Deportation

A first reason you should consider Australian Citizenship is that the government can’t then chuck you out of the country. If you fail a ‘good character test’ then your permanent residency can be revoked and you will be sent back to your country of origin.

Not everyone has a career plan in life to end up in prison (except perhaps as a prison guard!) but if you end up in jail for more than 12 months your permanent residence can be revoked too.

Finally, given the unpredictable and sometimes paranoid nature of the world you could be considered a ‘national security threat’, and whether or not this is actually the case, could be sent back to your country of origin.

  1. Your Children Can Automatically Become Citizens

Yes, there is no test for children to become citizens. If at least one of their parents are born here – or their parent passes the test to become a citizen – they can automatically become one themselves. For many escaping repression or worried about the trajectory of their origin country’s future, that could could be a gift your kids forever thank you for.

  1. Eligibility for Government Student Loans

Anyone who is an Australian Citizen can apply for a Federal HECS Financial Assistance Program student loan. This is money toward your university or college fees that you will only have to repay once you have started earning a certain amount in your career after education.

As a Permanent Resident you would have to pay the fees in full in the usual way, and this can impact your career choices. Again, related to your children being automatically eligible for citizenship should you attain it, so you could get citizenship as a means of planning for their future too.

  1. Access to Federal Government Jobs

With their gold plated pension plans and great employment conditions, though they may not pay as well as careers in the private sector, there is a lot to be said for getting a job in the Federal Government!

  1. Participate in Politics

 Want to vote or become a politician? This is solely for Australian Citizens. You may be angry at the Australian government’s attitude to climate change or the disproportionate number of white Anglo Saxons to be granted full citizenship. You may simply have a passion for supporting your local community and want to play a role in shaping it for the future.

Whatever your drivers to become an Australian Citizen, the time may be here to get ready for an Australian citizenship test.

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