If you’re brainstorming bedroom decor ideas that evoke comfort and a sense of coziness, you’re likely to have come across the shabby-chic. Shabby-chic bedroom has evolved from the rustic, relaxed vibe it came to be known for into something a bit softer, more feminine, and a lived-in look perfect for someone who doesn’t want to fuss too much with their bedroom.

From finding the most comfortable mattress you can, to choosing pastel colors that resonate with your space, here are some of our top tips for shabby-chic bedroom decor you’ll love:

Get The Coziest Mattress You Can

Step one of making sure your shabby-chic bedroom is perfect is ensuring you get the best mattress for your comfort. There are a few different ways your mattress and in turn, bed, play into the shabby chic bedroom aesthetic.

Generally speaking, beds in shabby-chic rooms are raised and have multiple layers of cozy bedding you can get comfortable in. The best mattresses for these kinds of spaces have multiple layers that can remain cool despite having a pile of different textured bedding sitting atop of it.

Finding the best mattress for cool, calming sleep might require a little trial and error. Keep in mind that the best mattress companies will allow you to trial their products before committing to a purchase, so you can ensure you’re really happy with your bed without worrying about wasting any money.

Choose Muted, Pastel Colors

Once you’ve picked out the best mattress you can for your sleep, you can move on to more decorative elements of your bedroom. Shabby-chic bathrooms tend to have more muted colors, so sticking to a pastel palette is going to be perfect when you’re trying to achieve that lived in, more classic look.

If you’re someone who prefers a little more brightness in their bedroom, then you might be able to incorporate that in the form of patterned wallpaper. Floral and polka dot patterns are especially popular with shabby-chic bedroom decor enthusiasts, so keep your eyes out for colors that appeal to you and get creative.

Repurpose Vintage Furniture

Shabby chic bedroom decor is all about taking a collage-like approach to interior design. That’s why up-cycling bedroom furniture can actually be a really fun way to incorporate a personal touch to your bedroom.

This can include old suitcases or chest of drawers used in your family. Repurposing older furniture and giving them a new lease of life can be a really interesting creative challenge as well. For instance, old suitcases can actually be used as storage solutions at the foot of your bed, and old headboards can be recycled regardless of your bed frame.

Unlike with minimalist or contemporary bedroom decor, clutter is actually less of a concern in shabby-chic bedrooms. Feel free to populate your space with as many knick-knacks as you want- this style of bedroom decor is all about finding something that resonates with you personally, and keeps you comfy through a good night’s sleep.

Mix & Match Patterns For A Homely Look

When it comes to creating a bedroom that really has that cozy feel, mixing and matching patterns and textures can really result in that perfectly undone look. Whether this means mixing lace with cotton, or keeping things super simple on your bed and choosing to switch up the patterns on your walls, try and keep things complimentary even if they’re contrasting.

Shabby chic bedroom decor can be a great way to bring some comfort back into your space. From using the best mattress you can for a comfortable night’s sleep, to figuring out how exactly you can recycle your furniture for creative storage solutions, using these tips will help you get cozy in no time.


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