MDPE pipes, also fully known as Medium Density Polyethylene pipes, are strong heavy-duty materials that perform the function of connecting water mains into buildings and are used to replace old lead water pipes on domestic and industrial properties. Generally, they are installed in underground channels. They are often referred to by merchants as blue MDPE or blue poly and are seamless and durable plastic materials that transport high-pressure water from the mains water supplies to one’s building or facility. MDPE pipes come in three diameter sizes, namely: 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. They also have different coil sizes such as 25m, 50m, and 100m.




MDPE pipes feature compression fittings with various parts that are used to clip and lock the pipes into the fitting. This ensures that the pipes are secured and free from water leakages. The various MDPE pipe fittings include MDPE male adapters, female adapters, MDPE Tees, MDPE couplers, end caps, reducing couplers, MDPE elbows, and MDPE flanges.




MDPE fittings are easy to install. Below is a set of general guidelines that explain how these pipes can be best fitted:


  • To begin with, you need to unscrew the clamp nut.


  • An MDPE pipe liner should be connected into the pipe.


  • Ensure that the pipe liner exceeds the O ring till it reaches the stop.


  • You can then screw the nut using a universal strap wrench.




  • What makes MDPE pipes and fittings unique is that you do not need a sealant to connect them together.


  • You can get MDPE stop cocks.


  • MDPE fittings are also known as push-fit fittings. This implies that you do not need plumbing or hand tool to connect the parts together.


  • MDPE pipes are more ideal for underground works. Unless they are protected from sunlight, they should not be used above the ground.


  • You can convert MDPE pipes and fittings to copper tubes using MDPE adaptors.




  • MDPE pipe comes with a lot of benefits. Its body is made of high-impact resistance materials that can withstand mechanical impact and thermal heat. Additionally, you can easily connect the parts together, saving you time. This easy installation feature makes MDPE pipes a preferred option in the market.


  • Modern MDPE pipes possess a larger diameter, which increases the inflow of water into the house. This helps you reduce energy bills and curb unnecessary usage of water appliances.


  • Despite the fact that they are ideal for underground use, you can use cast-iron MDPE pipes above the ground. Though these variants are more expensive than their plastic counterparts.


  • You can purchase MDPE pipes from almost all reputable retailers in the industry. However, some of these retailers provide more eco-friendly MDPE pipes and install them at a premium standard for an ideal price.


  • You can get MDPE pipes in different dimensions, depending on what you will use them for. Also, you need to know what scale of job you are working on before deciding on the diameter size. For industrial jobs, you would need a diameter size that differs from that of home construction.

With MDPE pipes, you can be guaranteed that there would be an easy flow of water into your home or facility, and you would not need to worry about it being affected by various elements. If you wish to know more about how to access these materials, please view here.

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