Supporting the Calgary Flames, you just finished enjoying a great hockey game in the cold winters. While you continue to embrace the chills, you decide to go for a walk in one of Calgary’s most scenic spots, the Jack and Jean Leslie Riverwalk.

After a great time outdoors in the coldest temperatures, what if you come home to discover the furnace blowing cold air inside your home interiors? The fact that you would have spent over $3,000, the average furnace installation cost in Calgary, can frustrate you even more.

The ideal thing to do in such a situation is to consult a specialist from agencies like furnace repair, Calgary and find the best fix at the earliest. Here are some of the top reasons experts will try to look for and then recommend the necessary repair action items to stop your furnace from blowing cold air.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

With the city’s altitude of 3,800 feet lofty-well above the Canadian average, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Calgary has been -45°C.

As it starts freezing this cold outside, you would set warmer temperatures on your thermostat. Though your home interior might remain tepid, the air let out from the vent could be cool.

Furnace experts in Calgary will suggest keeping your thermostat settings to “auto” rather than “on”. With “auto”, the furnace fan turns on automatically when the thermostat detects that the house is at a different temperature than the previously set value. It causes your furnace to start heating up while the fan circulates the air.

Pilot Light Issue

Condensing type, induced draft and the conventional warm air model are some types of gas-fired-forced air furnaces popular in Calgary. While the latter two use pilot light, the latest models have an electric ignition system.

If you have a pilot light and it’s causing your furnace to blow cold air, domain specialists will ask you first to relight it to see if it solves your issue. But if it continues to go out repeatedly or you think the ignition system is faulty, hire an agency for furnace repair.

Dirty Air Filter

While Calgary air pollution levels are in the safe zone, with PM2.5 AQI at 36, houses in the city have very few ventilation outlets. It leads to pollutants getting accumulated, clogging the furnace filter, leaving you with cold air.

When you seek professional help, they will first recommend cleaning the dirty filter for continuous clean airflow. If the furnace still blows cold air and the limit switch shuts it down after running for short intervals, get the filter replaced by a furnace repair service agency.

Inadequate Gas Supply

Next year, as part of a prestigious pilot project, Calgary homes will get Hydrogen-injected natural gas as a power resource for the furnace units. It will diversify the province’s energy sector and potentially reduce carbon emissions.

Your furnace might blow cold air due to insufficient gas supply, at times causing your furnace to lock down for safety. Professionals from sites like furnace repair, Calgary, suggest making sure your gas supply is in the “on” position, parallel with the gas line pipe.

Severe Ductwork Problems

While walkout basements are the most popular features that Calgary home buyers request, well-designed full basements, 6 feet high, increase the home value.

Sometimes you might have leaky ducts that can cause air from cold places like your basement to get into the vents. It can lead to cool air to pass through your furnace system. You can get a consultant to check your home ducting system to keep your furnace work right while enjoying the benefits of your extra space in your basement.

Blockage in the High-efficiency Vent Pipes

Calgary endures freezing winters, with snow depths greater than 1 cm on about 88 days each year.

Such cold weather can cause vent pipes that lead to the outside of your dwelling to clog. To avoid cold air from blowing and a complete system shut down, get a service agency to clean the PVC pipes, thus maintaining your furnace’s high-efficiency.

Condensate Clogging Issue

According to the Minimum Housing and Health Standards, Calgary landlords should ensure the furnace is in good condition, maintaining the minimum required temperature is 16°C during the winter months.

The best way to meet the temperature requirements is to install high-efficiency furnaces. They come with condensate drainage lines, which removes the water created during the heating process. Their clogging activates a sensor that prevents the burners from lighting. Experts recommend regular cleaning to avoid such blockages.

Final Thoughts

With electrification of the home heating system trending in Calgary, a city home unit recently got certified as Alberta’s 1st passive house. Whether it’s a traditional or modern furnace blowing out cold air, engage professionals from agencies like furnace repair Calgary. Rest assured, they will find the root cause and the apt solution, keeping your home cozy through the winter months.

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