A microwave without a turntable offers more space than conventional appliances and is also easier to clean. In this guide, you can find out what you should look out for when buying a microwave without a turntable and which microwaves, we recommend.

These models were tested by us and receive our purchase recommendation:

1. Caso MG 20 Ecostyle Ceramic

A special feature of the Caso MG 20 Eco-style Ceramic is that this microwave is designed without a turntable. Which …

Simple microwave without turntable with grill function.

The MG 20 Eco-style Ceramic from Caso is an affordable and straightforward microwave without a turntable. It offers a grill mode in addition to the normal process.

In addition to the simple operation, the 20-litre device convinces a second cooking level, which sensibly expands the usable space. Thanks to the ceramic bottom, the microwave is also easy to clean.

 2. Severin MW 7758

The Severin MW 7758 is a 3-in-1 microwave without a turntable. The unique feature is the second level.

Large microwave without turntable with hot air

The Severin MW 7758 is a 3-in-1 microwave, so it offers a hot air mode and the grill function.

Thanks to 25 litres of cooking space and 900 watts of power, this microwave is also suitable for large portions.

The MW 7758 also offers a second cooking level and a high-quality ceramic bottom. The diverse programs round off the overall picture perfectly. For us, the MW 7758 is the microwave without turntable test winner.

 3. Siemens BF634LGS1 iQ700

The Siemens BF634LGS1 is a popular built-in microwave without a turntable.

Built-in microwave without turntable

The BF634LGS1 iQ700 from Siemens is a built-in microwave. Besides the microwave mode, there are no other operating modes. So, this model is very classic – except for the missing turntable.

A maximum of 900 watts of power is available for the 21-litre interior. Conceivably simple operation and high-quality workmanship speak for this microwave.

Other popular microwaves without a turntable

1.  Caso MCG30 Ceramic Chef 

    • 30 litres
    • 900 watts
    • grill
    • Hot ai

2.  Caso MI30 Ceramic

3.  Sharp R860s

    • 25 litres
    • 900 WAtt
    • Grill
    • Hot air

4. Panasonic NN-DF383BGPG

    • 23 litres
    • 1000 watts
    • double grill
    • top/bottom heat
    • Inverter technology

5. Bauknecht ExtraSpace Crisp MW 427 SL

    • 25 litres
    • 800 watts
    • grill
    • Steam cooking

6. Bauknecht ExtraSpace MF 203 SB

    • 20 litres
    • 800 watts
    • Grill

7. Bauknecht ExtraSpace MW 421 SL

    • 25 litres
    • 800 watts
    • Grill

8.ProfiCook PC-MWG 1204

    • 23 litres
    • 800 watts
    • Grill

In addition to the presented devices, there are, of course, other microwaves without a turntable.


  • Larger usable surface
  • Easier cleaning
  • Less mechanical parts
  • Modern appearance


  • Often somewhat more expensive

Larger usable surface

In a conventional microwave, the usable area is dictated by the turntable. Since this is round, the four corner areas of the microwave cannot be effectively shared.

The situation is different with a microwave without a turntable. Here, the entire footprint can be used, especially for rectangular dishes such as casseroles.

Easier cleaning

Dirt and crumbs tend to accumulate under a turntable. The turntable has to be removed to clean it, only to fumble it back onto the rotating ring again with a perfect fit.

On the other hand, microwaves without a turntable have a smooth, flat bottom that is easy to wipe clean. In many models, the base is also of higher quality and is made of ceramic, for example, easy to clean.

Fewer mechanical components

A turntable is usually located on a thin rack and is made to rotate by a small drive. The rotating plastic ring, in particular, can quickly break or shift, causing the turntable to stall.

All these components are omitted in a microwave without a turntable. Accordingly, these parts cannot stick, jam or even break.

Modern appearance

Of course, design is always a subjective preference. In any case, we like the slimmer design of microwaves without a turntable, as the turntable always looks a bit old-fashioned.

Comparing microwaves directly isn’t relatively as easy because of the many different features but you can check out detailed tested reviews on site like Die Mikrowellen Tester. In general, however, you have to pay a bit more for the more modern technology than for similar microwaves with a turntable. However, due to the mentioned advantages, a small surcharge is worth it in our opinion.

Microwaves are valuable helpers in the kitchen.

These features and functions should be considered when buying

Besides deciding on a setup without a turntable, other features are important to consider before buying. We present you here the most important criteria: 


The size of a microwave oven is given in litres and indicates how much volume is available in the interior. However, this is a somewhat theoretical value. It is also essential to know the specific centimetres to tell if your dishes will fit in the future microwave.

Size Classification Range of application

< 20 litres small Defrosting and heating of small dishes; space-saving

20 – 25 litres medium Sufficient for all normal dishes

> 25 litres large Suitable for large households 


The maximum power mainly determines how fast a food can be heated. Smaller appliances, of course, do not necessarily need as much power as large microwaves that are intended to handle more significant portions. Small microwaves should not have less than 700 watts of power, while for large models, we find 900 watts and above to be a good power.

However, for defrosting and gentle cooking, only low power is usually set. Whether the maximum power plays a decisive role for you, therefore, depends on your specific field of application. 

Grill function

A microwave can heat food, but browning does not take place. A frozen pizza or French fries cannot be prepared in a “normal” microwave.

The grill function is a remedy for this. Thanks to this, you can grill, roast and gratinate, for example.


Although the range of microwaves without a turntable is not yet very large, a wide range of products is already offered.

Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for us, so we expect to find more devices of this design in the future. We can recommend all those interested in buying a microwave without a turntable without any worries.

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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