Walking into a house after a long day at work only to realize your kitchen pipe burst is extremely frustrating and stressful. Most homeowners will be worried that their appliances and belongings are still in good condition. Despite the burst kitchen pipe frustrations, there is a solution.

Before getting the long-term solution, you first need to switch off your primary electricity source before stepping into the room. You can then stop the source of flooding and document everything for the insurance company.

Burst pipes need professional repairs or replacements that only trained and experienced experts can fix. Besides, a burst pipe is an emergency that requires immediate fixing. Luckily, you can get emergency plumbers like Clover Services on this website.

What To Do After Entering Your Pipe Burst Flooded Kitchen

Pipes burst due to freezing temperatures, malfunctioning valves, aging and poor installation. Seeing a recently flooded floor the first time can be shocking, but it’s important for you to take immediate action. Hopefully, these steps will help you to deal with the situation.

1.  Disconnect The Electricity

First, disconnect the electricity before stepping on the wet floor. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination that causes fatal shocks. If your breaker box is inside the house, cut the power supply from the main shutoff outside. Alternatively, you can call an electrician if you don’t know where the main electricity switches are.

2.  Turn Off The Main Water Valve

The next step is to stop the flooding. To do so, look for the main water valve and turn it off. Some valves are next to your kitchen faucet, while others are outside. This will stop water from flowing through the pipes, controlling the flooding.

Turning off a water valve is easy. Most valves are round, and you turn them off clockwise. Also, some valves are adjacent to the water meter or in the basement. If you cannot find yours, contact your plumber for help.

3.  Vacate Things From The Wet Floor

Now that there is no more water flowing, it is time to save your items. Water damages are almost instant, and they can lead to huge losses. Look for items in boxes on the floor and place them on higher ground or a table.

You should also remove the connected wires from the sockets and any electricals on the floor. Ensure your certificates and important documents are also safe if you keep them in a box on the floor.

If the standing water covers your wooden table’s parts, remove the outside. Wood soaks in water and swells. The furniture begins to rot with time, causing irreparable damage.

4.  Document Everything

If you have a home insurance policy, call your insurance provider and tell them what happened. Pictures and videos of the water on the floor, the burst pipe, and any water damaged items will help during the compensation process.

You can also ask your insurance provider to send a claims adjuster to get evidence of everything. Ensure they have all the details before you start the repairs and answer all the questions.

5.  Start Drying The Floor

If your floor is wooden and the water stays for a long period of time, it might need repairs. However, homeowners should worry about getting the area dry. If you have a floor drain in the flooded area of your home, you can use a mop or squeegee to move the water in that direction.

Alternatively, you can use a duster and a bucket to dry the floor, which will take longer. You can also use a wet-dry vacuum to dry the hard-to-reach areas, but ensure you remove the dry vacuuming filter.

6.  Get A Professional Water Damage Cleaning Company

You might not be able to reach all the areas in the kitchen that need to be dried, so you need professional help. Look for a cleaning company that takes the shortest time possible.

Postponing or failing to get a cleanup specialist can lead to mold growth on the floor, walls and even your personal belongings and furniture. Mold causes permanent stains and leads to unpleasant smells in the home, which most homeowners generally want to avoid.

Peeling paint on an interior ceiling a result of water damage caused by a leaking pipe dripping down from upstairs a result of substandard plumbing completed by an unqualified plumber. A common house insurance claim.

7.  Ventilate The Home

Before the cleaners come, you can clean the easy to reach areas. Also, ensure that you sufficiently open all the windows for fresh air and reduce humidity in the room. Start your HVAC dehumidifier also, or rent a unit if necessary.

Breathing cold air causes respiratory problems like cold and allergic reactions to your family members. It can also lead to more asthma attacks and other respiratory complications.

8.  Protect The House From Mold And Mildew Growth

Once everything is clean and dry, you should start a mold treatment process. Remove the hard-to-dry items outside for sun drying. It is also advisable to discard those that cannot get completely dry.

Leaving some wet items in your pipe burst flooded kitchen floor problems can lead to mold growth, which spreads to other areas quickly.

You should also get all the mold preventive measures to keep your household items safe.

9.  Call A Plumber For Repairs

If the pipe bursts due to a dysfunctional valve, you should repair the pipe and get new valves. You should also check the other lines and replace them, especially if your house is old.

Choose quality materials and pipes from reputable manufacturers when getting new water pipes. Also, hire professional plumbers with expertise in fixing and installing pipes.

10.  Prevent Future Damage

Water damage is a nightmare no homeowner wants to undergo, so you must protect yourself from future bursts. Remove any boxes on the floor, and avoid storing essential documents in boxes on the floor. Some certificates are irreplaceable.

Also, ensure you coat your wood furniture with water-resistant paint to prevent water damage. When exposed to water, the swelling and rotting of wood reduces your item’s aesthetics and causes expensive repairs.

Final Words

Realizing that your kitchen pipe burst can be stressful. Although your first thought will be how to repair or replace the pipe, first save your items from water damage.

Also, take pictures and videos as evidence for the insurance company.

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