Rat infestations are not uncommon in Australian homes. Besides spreading diseases, these rodents turn out to be one of the most destructive creatures that damage your property. No wonder, why hundreds of households in Sydney seek professional pest control Sydney from the leading professionals.

Rats primarily look for food, shelter, and water in your home. Therefore, the best way to eliminate rats from your residence is to deprive them of their requirements. However, sometimes the infestation is severe enough, and you have no other option than to call in the pest control experts.

Let’s check some of the best ways to remove rats from your homes in a quick time.

Tips to eliminate rats from your home

1. Inspect your home

When you call the experts for rat control Sydney, they would carry out a thorough inspection of your property. This way, the professionals would be able to determine the place from where they are getting into your home. Besides, the reputed rodent control companies closely inspect cracks in garage doors, damaged drains, vents, and gaps around your home. Even you need to look out for damages in the foundation of your property, which serve as viable access points.

Besides, you need to inspect places inside your home. For instance, rats might be entering your home through appliance lines, drains, and vents. The experts would help you seal the gaps or set traps once they identify the probable access points.

2. Trap the rodents

If you are not in favour of using harsh poisons or rodenticides, you might set up traps. Once you catch these rodents, you need to dispose them away from your home. This would be an effective method to get rid of rats. Experienced pest extermination companies also help their clients to trap rodents. Usually, it’s challenging for households to procure too many traps. In these cases, you can seek professional support. The experts would set them up in high-activity zones, using baits to trap the rats.

3. Natural methods for deterring rats

Effectively used, natural rat removal methods can work out wonders. To prevent rats from entering your house, spread cloves, black pepper, cayenne pepper, or peppermint oil around your home. Also, you can apply these substances around the line between the ground and the foundation of your home.

Grey rat on wooden planks, closeup. Pest control

In case you come across open rat holes, crush pepper and sprinkle it around the openings. Besides, you can use pepper spray for the purpose. Rats wouldn’t like the odour, and it would irritate their respiratory system. This way, you can prevent rats from getting into your home in the first place.

 A professional rat control company can help

If all these efforts go in vain, and you realize that the infestation is too severe for you to handle, make sure to seek professional support from a rat control company. Remember, the longer these rodents thrive in your house, the more damage they would inflict. Therefore, it would be a logical decision to have the professionals at your service.

The experts would inspect your home, identify the entry points, and locate the nests of rats. They would also identify the food cache zones and do the needful to destroy the infestation. Besides, they would recommend the best practices, so that you don’t have a rat infestation in the future.

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