Nestled along Interstate 55 and Interstate 20, US Highways 80 and 49 in Mississippi, Pearl is a moderate-sized city offering a superior lifestyle. While it rates among the safest cities in the state, you will love living here if you prefer short commutes, as a one-way commute time is hardly 20 minutes.

But a pest infestation, such as that of bats, in your dwelling, can have adverse effects on your upscale lifestyle in Pearl. However, top experts in pest control Pearl MS, can come to your rescue. They apply advanced pest principles to their pest control services and use cutting-edge pest control technology to eliminate bats from your home.

Here’s what they suggest as the best ways to tackle bat infestation in your dwelling in Pearl, MS.

Sealing Off Entry Points

The Brazilian free-tailed bat, southeastern myotis, silver-haired bat, and Rafinesque big-eared bat are some of the most common types of bats found in Pearl, MS.

But no matter what type of bats they are, these animals tend to return to an area they have roosted in the past, especially if the space is dark. The reason is bats find such places best suitable for shelter, nesting, and slumber, similar to their natural habitat of subterranean caves. Thus, it becomes vital to prevent them from coming back into your home.

Top specialists in Pearl, MS, suggest sealing all potential entry points through which bats can access your home. You may use exclusion devices, plaster, and mortar to close wall cracks. The other plausible technique is to use a rust-proof metal mesh to cover holes, but you will have to confirm there is no existing bat infestation before laying the mesh.

Installing Exclusion Devices

Reputed professionals offering pest control in Pearl, MS, consider this one of the best pest control methods for getting rid of bats. They use a one-way exclusion device, designed with a one-way valve, tube, and netting, allowing bats to leave but preventing them from re-entering.

The pest control team in Pearl installs the device at an entry point, placing the tube toward the ground to make it difficult for the bats to come back.

Eliminating Food Sources

Bats eat a tremendous quantity of insects, such as ants, wasps, and moths. And you can find over 450 moth types and nearly 90 wasp varieties in Mississippi, with Pearl being no exception.

If you have vast populations of such pests around your home, you need to eliminate them, as they are the essential food source for bats. Once you get rid of the insects, you can resolve your potential bat problem.

A pest control specialist in Pearl, MS, can diligently remove all pest types, typically the food sources for bats. They apply the solutions, ensuring the pests get eliminated thoroughly from your property and are not available for bats to draw to your home.

Utilizing Aluminum Foil

Pearl ranks #6 among the 22 suburbs with the Lowest Cost of Living in Mississippi.

And if you wish to use a cheaper method, remaining in line with Pearl’s low-living expenses, pest control experts will recommend using aluminum foil.

They hang the foils around the regions where the bats reside. As the foils reflect light, the bats are sure to get irritated terribly. Also, since the foils will be close enough, they will make noises when they clash, which again helps chase the bats away.

Using Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus acts as an excellent bat repellent. And Mississippi is one of the seven US states with permission from USDA to plant GE eucalyptus trees. Thus, you can find this plant in plenty in Pearl.

Experienced consultants use eucalyptus to eliminate bats, as these pests easily get irritated by its strong odor. They spread the oil in the spaces where they find bats roosting in your home, which will chase them away quickly.

Using Mirrors and Making Some Noise

Leading experts in Pearl, MS, advise using mirrors and light to repel the bats from your property. As a part of their pest control treatment, they light up the area and set the mirrors in appropriate positions to reflect the light well. The combination of mirrors and light will irritate the bats, eventually chasing them away from your home.

On the other hand, bats roost in dark and quiet places. You may create loud noises with music or radio, making your home uninhabitable for the bats.

Consult an Experienced Professional

Pearl has an average livability score of 68 out of 100. It offers you access to plenty of attractions, including the Jackson Convention Complex and Mississippi’s Museum of Art.

But you can enjoy such outdoor attractions only when your home is pest-free. Reach out to a reputed pest control expert if you suspect or have a bat infestation on your property to lead a peaceful life in Pearl.

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