For many people, the kitchen is the heart of their homes, as it is where they gather to eat, cook, or drink their coffee and talk. This is why the design of such a dynamic place should be easy on the eyes, safe as babies, pets, and children will spend a lot of time there, and above all functional. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or move to a new house, you need to create a kitchen design that is as appealing as it is practical. On that note, here are some helpful tips on how to design the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

Choose the Style

First, you need to choose a style for your kitchen that matches your lifestyle and your family’s needs. U-shaped kitchens are perfect for people who want to restrict their children and pets for safety purposes, such as a peninsula kitchen layout. On the other hand, if you want a kitchen large enough for gatherings, the island layout is just for you. There are more styles and layouts that you can choose from; however, take the size of the room into consideration as well as its uses.

Create a Safe Cooking Space

When designing your kitchen, you need to create a safe cooking area where you can prepare meals without worrying about accidents. If you have young children, for their safety, keep the fridge or any other frequently used appliances away from the cooking area. This will help you protect your children from getting too close to the stove or any other hazardous appliances that can harm them. . Coffee lovers are adamant about keeping their kids away from burning hot coffee, so these pod coffee machines that are easy to move around are helpful to keep out of reach along with other dangerous items such as a knife set, especially if you live in the UK, where big, open-floor kitchens aren’t common. It’s best to opt for high counters to store these items to avoid them getting knocked off the counter by accident. That is why it is recommended to separate the cooking area from the communal area of the kitchen. This also applies if you have pets at home as they can chew on the plastic parts of small appliances or hurt themselves if hot liquid spills.


A family kitchen needs a lot of storage units. You will want to keep all the knives and sharp tools away from your children’s and pet’s reach. Your glassware and expensive sets also need to be kept somewhere safe. Furthermore, you will want to accommodate all the snack preferences your family members have, so you need space for storing various kinds of food and drinks. This way, you will have an organized pantry and a kitchen that is easy to clean without any clutter piling up on your counters. You can also consider getting locks on cabinets to keep your children and pets safe.

A kitchen should be a place where family members can share meals and enjoy some quality time, so you want to keep this in mind when designing it. Take your time when choosing the layout of the kitchen as this greatly depends on how large your family is and what their needs are. Safety comes first when planning any remodel or redesign, so ensure that your kitchen is set up in a way that keeps all the cooking appliances and sharp tools away from the reach of your kids and pets. Having enough storage units will make your kitchen look neat and organized; you can also look into ways to create more storage space in a less than a spacious house. Kitchens aren’t just a place for cooking and preparing meals,  it is the place where you and your family members can bond and create good memories together.

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