Outside space has become a priority for most home buyers, with 64% of UK residents saying they would not invest in a home without an outdoor area. A well-kept garden has quickly shifted from only being a sitting place on a warm day to a critical booster of your home’s value by as much as £2,000.

Estate agents, property experts and garden designers suggest that specific garden features are crucial for raising the saleability of a home. Summerhouses, decent-sized shades and outdoor spaces for entertainment are the most significant value boosters of a home. Apart from the above features, numerous other surefire garden renovations can increase your home value.

The Garden Shade

A quality and decent-sized garden shade, whether wooden or composite, tops the list of garden features that spark most home buyers’ interest and increase the value of a property. If you intend to renovate your garden shade, choose a standard or neutral colour that appeals to most potential buyers. It may not be a huge shade, but as long as it can store some furniture and bikes, you are good to go.

An Outstanding Patio

As people spend time at home, they want an area they can sit and enjoy the garden. The weather keeps changing, and a lawn is unsuitable for furniture during the wet season. An outstanding patio made from porcelain or sandstone will survive any weather and is also long-lasting. A patio with comfortable chairs and a table is the best place to catch some fresh air and socialise with family or friends.

Focus On a Low-Maintenance Garden

A well-laid-out garden enhances your yard’s aesthetics as well as increases your home’s value. Most potential buyers who are enthusiastic gardeners will be drawn to a flower, herb or vegetable garden. However, go for plants native to your region that can withstand pests and harsh weather conditions with minimal care.

Keep Your Outdoor Well Lit

Apart from significantly increasing the value of your home, outdoor lighting also improves the safety and security of your house. Work with a skilled electrician to choose fixtures that complement your house and illuminate areas such as your patio and garden. A well-lit yard gives potential buyers a sense of safety and makes the garden outstanding in the evenings and darker seasons.

An Excellent Quality Fence

A good quality fence from a local fence company in Wheaton is another top garden renovation that can significantly skyrocket the value of your home. Homebuyers want a home that offers a sense of security and privacy while enjoying the garden. A 6 feet fence is the standard, but you can go up to 8 feet if the houses in your area are closely overlooking each other. There are plenty of excellent fencing materials, and you can always choose the ones that complement your home. You can get in touch with G&B Quality Cedar Products for quality cedar fencing.

Water Features and Garden Ornaments

Adding some outdoor water features like waterfalls, fountains, or ponds, will not only boost your property’s value but also add to the peaceful home vibe that most buyers are looking for. Ensure that the water feature you choose does not need constant maintenance as the liability may scare potential buyers. A fire pit is an excellent garden ornament that can spruce up your space and offer relaxation while enjoying the garden.

Home Office Garden Room

With the current pandemic working from home has become a norm for most people. Besides, some home buyers may be remote workers, and serene office space in a beautiful garden room is a priority. An office garden room will significantly increase your asking price.

Plant Trees

Planting trees is one of the best garden renovations, and homebuyers can benefit from fresh air and extra shade that makes outdoor living more enjoyable. Choose tree species that need low maintenance and have a good height that won’t interfere with power lines or the house’s roof when mature.

Numerous other garden renovations can boost your home value. An outdoor kitchen, garden furniture, painting your garden walls, creating a gym/studio room, establishing a greenhouse and creative landscaping. Before putting up your home on the market, you may want to consider getting your home valued. If your home value is low, some of these tips might come in handy.

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