The traditional design has a classic feel to it. And this is the reason why many homeowners choose this over modern home design. While modern banks on the updated and recent furniture trends, the traditional room decor dwells more on the outdated and old appeal.

If you’re looking to design or revamp your living room and transform it into the traditional abode of your dreams, here are eight elements you should integrate into a traditional-style living room.

1. Orderly and predictable

A traditional living room doesn’t have surprises. Everything is predictable. Moreover, furniture arrangements and pieces are also orderly. Last but not least, the entire space should have a calm appeal that’s very inviting and warm.

2. Fine wood materials

When looking for living room furniture pieces for classic home design, homeowners should always go for wood instead of the other synthetic materials such as glass, chrome, steel, or plastic. The sofa, armchair, coffee table, bookcase, or entertainment center should be mostly made of wood. You can choose the types of wood that were once popular in the 1700s or 1800s. Some examples are ash, oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut, and more.

3. Intricate decorative details

One factor you need to look for when choosing furniture products of this home design is the ornate details. Some furniture pieces should have a style that emphasizes ornate carvings. Carvings scream old-school art and traditional home decor should be all about the classics.

In addition to that, if you’re not into the ornate carvings, you can always look for other furniture detailing such as molding and even some minor detailing on the surfaces are welcome in this home style.

4. Extravagant molding

Speaking of molding, traditional furniture products should have very opulent moldings. A luxuriously-styled molding exudes a very classic appeal and furniture pieces with grand moldings are more stately-looking.

5. Dark and warm color palettes

Unlike modern home decor that banks on natural and neutral colors, the traditional living room should be all about the darker and warmer color tones. Think brown, red, dark green. Although your wall can be painted with a neutral color, the other elements in the space should emphasize plenty of dark wood and other darker palettes.

6. Tufted upholstery

One distinct look in a traditional furniture collection is how it resembles royalty. And in the past, the chairs and beds of royalties all have plush cushions and tufted upholstery. Traditional home design is inspired by 18th to 19th century Europe and England. That being said, look for tufted upholstery when buying furniture products for your classic room.

7. Antique furnishings

A classic space doesn’t necessarily mean to fill your home with antique pieces because it dwells on the “old” or “vintage” elements. However, homeowners can integrate a few antique furnishings here and there to make the “classic” appeal pop. Porcelain urns, marble busts, and some antique small-scale accessories are some examples.

8. Symmetry

Symmetry is one crucial element in a traditional living room. If there is an opulent molding on one side of the bookcase, it should always be coupled by another similar molding on the other side. Additionally, if there are ornate carvings on one side of the sofa or chair, this should also be mirrored by another similar carving pattern on the other side. The most important thing is that there is a balance in every furniture detail and overall aesthetics.

Final Words

The traditional living room style exudes a special kind of warmth and elegance that can’t be found in other home designs. If you don’t know where to start with furniture shopping, check out Local Furniture Outlet‘s extensive array of collections. They also offer huge discounts and hassle-free shipping and delivery, giving shoppers an overall seamless experience.

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