If your home currently has a loft going unused, then converting it can seem like a no-brainer. What’s not always so clear, however, is exactly how you could purpose that loft. Here are some loft conversion ideas that might not have sprung immediately to your mind.

A boutique-style bedroom

A bedroom is an obvious thing to create in a loft space, but what about a bedroom that wouldn’t have felt out of place in a boutique-style hotel?

The Ideal Home website shows how this could work in practice, with an array of indulgent features including a stunning freestanding bath placed within the bedroom space.

A kitchen

If you have guests – like friends’ kids – who often stay overnight at the house, you could give them even more than just their own bedroom for the night.

You could effectively turn your loft into a self-contained flat complete with not only a bedroom but also a kitchen where your guests could make their own breakfast in the morning.

A second living room

“If I’ve already got a living room,” you might think, “why would I need another one?” Admittedly, an extra living room up in the loft might be more of a want than a need – but you could easily appreciate having your own private space to retreat to when the usual living room is overcrowded.

A bathroom

A bathroom is something that all of us spontaneously need at one point or another – but how extensive a loft-based bathroom should be can depend heavily on how else the loft is used.

For example, while a loft bedroom could easily do with extensive bathroom facilities, a simple toilet-and-basin arrangement could suffice for a study or games room. Just heed that a shower room with WC and basin would require at least 1 x 2.6m of floor space, as Homebuilding & Renovating notes.

A home bar

One especially genius thing about this idea is that it can work in a loft space of any size – as sloping ceilings and odd angles could help you to decide where to place storage units and seating.

In decorating your home bar with bold colour and plants, you could foster an exotic look reminiscent of a Hawaiian beachfront bar. Meanwhile, loft boarding from Instaloft could help to keep your loft feeling as comfortably warm as one.

A playroom

One common problem with a children’s playroom is that clutter can easily gather as toys end up randomly strewn on the floor. However, this is less likely to happen when you give a playroom bespoke built-in storage where the kids can easily put items back after playing with them.

A music room

If you like to create or play music, it would naturally be convenient to be able to do so without irritating other members of the household who aren’t into your kind of music.

So, if you do convert your loft into a music room, you should remember to boost its sound absorption, such as by installing foam tiles on the walls and ceiling.

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