Making time for yourself is important for mental health and your overall well-being. Taking a bath is a great way to unplug from the stresses of everyday life and simply soak in warm, soothing water for a little while. Taking baths can help to exfoliate your skin, help with achy muscles and inflammation and lower stress levels. But, the next time you’re about to relax in the bath, try taking it up a notch by adding elements of ambiance like unique zodiac candles or essential oils.

Here are a couple of great ways to make your relaxing bath even more enjoyable.

Light a Candle

Candles are the ultimate mood setter for a pleasant experience, which is why so many people enjoy lighting a few candles before soaking in a bath. Fragrances can really set the tone of your bath and help you get into a more relaxed state of mind.

Try using a candle unique to your personality or interests like tarot card candles. Set them around the edges of the tub if there is enough room or keep them on other ledges and shelves in the bathroom. If you really want to lean into the relaxation, light the candles and turn off the lights.

Add Bubbles

Bubbles are always a fun addition to a bath and can make the experience feel even more luxurious. Adding bubbles to the warm water can help remove dead skin and set the overall tone of calm. The popularity of bubble baths makes it easy to find a bath bomb or bath fizzle that fits your mood, but be sure to check the products you’re buying to ensure no toxic chemicals are used in the bubbles you choose.

Read a Book

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult for many of us to find the time to sit back and enjoy a good book. What better time to indulge in a little bit of reading than during a relaxing bath? Have a small towel and a stool or bath tray near you in case your hands get wet, so you can dry them off before cracking open your novel, and you’ll have a dry place to set your book.

Make an effort to read a book or a magazine that is purely for enjoyment. Try not to bring your school or work reading material into the bath, or you’ll disrupt the relaxing atmosphere you’re trying to create!

Drink a Glass of Wine or an Herbal Tea

Having your favorite beverage in the bath with you can really elevate your experience. Pour yourself a glass of that Pinot Noir you’ve been saving or make a cup of hot green tea before slipping into the warm water. Again, a small stool, table or bath tray is useful here to set down your drink. Indulging in a herb tea during a bath before bedtime is a great way to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep and may help you fall asleep faster.

Prepare a Few Healthy Snacks

Your bath should be a time to really treat yourself, so go ahead and prepare a couple of easy-to-eat snacks for your bathtime. Items like veggies and hummus, slices of mango or a bowl of raspberries make for great bath snacks. We definitely recommend using a bath tray with this suggestion, though. No one wants a stray carrot floating around the water while they try to relax.

Put on a Face Mask

You know that face mask that you have in your bathroom cabinet that you keep meaning to use? Well, now is the perfect time! Break that face mask out and allow it to sit on your skin while you’re soaking in the tub. Doing a face mask during a bath is a great way to enhance the effect of the mask, as the warmth from the bath water will open your pores and allow the face mask to do its job.

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Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music is a necessary element to a relaxing bath, as it sets the mood and helps you get into that calm state of mind. You can pop on some of your favorite tunes or opt for a calming meditation sound track to make yourself feel like you’re in your own personal little spa.

Add Essential Oils to the Water

Using essential oils in your bath water can really take your experience to the next level. Do some research on the best essential oils for baths, so you can select the right combination for what you’re trying to achieve.

For example, lavender and rose create a calming effect while lemon and cedarwood are better suited for relieving stress. Be careful to research your essential oil combination before adding to your bath as some essentials can irritate your skin. It’s also recommended that you mix a few drops of your essential oils with a carrier oil like coconut or olive before adding to the bath.

Heat Your Towel

Keep the relaxation going even after your bath by having a warm towel waiting for you. If you already have a towel warmer, then you know what to do. For those of you without a towel warmer, try sticking a towel in the dryer for 20 to 30 minutes, so when you get out of the bath you can wrap yourself up in a warm, comfy towel before bed.

Pamper Yourself

You deserve it! We all need a reminder to sit back and relax sometimes. Get your bath essentials like your favorite zodiac candles, bath bombs, snacks and some good music, and then get the water running. You don’t have to incorporate all of these tips (unless you’re looking to have the most relaxing bath experience of your life), but even just adding a few of these elements can elevate your relaxing bath to the next level.

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