No one wants to live in a dirty house but keeping a home in good condition can be hard work, especially when juggling work and other commitments. Fortunately, there are plenty of small things you can do to make cleaning your home easier and much less stressful. Here are just 5 useful tips for doing so.

Make a Schedule 

Cleaning your whole home top to bottom can be a daunting task, particularly when you are limited on time. It is thus much easier to keep on top of your cleaning by dividing the cleaning into separate tasks and completing them on different days of the week. It may sound overly simple, but finding 20-30 minutes to clean one room can be a lot more manageable than finding 3 hours to clean the whole house. Having a designated day each week when you clean one area will also make sure the house never gets too dirty, which will also make it easier to maintain.

Clean Up as You Go 

While designating a specific time to clean each area can be useful, at the same time, you will also hugely reduce your workload if you clean areas up whenever you use them. This is especially true for your kitchen, which can get cluttered and grimy quickly if you don’t quickly clean up after yourself. Similarly, just resetting your living area briefly after using it can remove what would otherwise be an annoying job for the next day.

Periodically Invest in For-Hire Cleaning Services

To truly get your home in spotless condition, it’s always worth considering professional cleaning services. While it might not initially seem worth the cost, for-hire cleaners offer a range of added benefits that you may not have anticipated. Not only will it naturally mean you do not need to do the work yourself, but professional cleaners also have a range of different cleaning tools at their disposal that can clean parts of your home you’d otherwise struggle to, such as your floors and carpets. To that end, you might want to periodically book a cleaning service a few times a year.

A carpet cleaner in action on a contemporary rug.

Keep Your Bathroom Spotless

If there is one room in your home that you should focus on when cleaning, it’s your bathroom. This is both because a dirty bathroom can cause the growth of harmful germs and bacteria and because it can negatively affect the aesthetic of your home. Using specific sprays for sink taps and showers can also make your bathroom really shine, making it much more pleasant to use.

Avoid Clutter

How clean and tidy your home looks can also be as much about the psychological effect of your home’s layout as it is how clean the house is. Most importantly in this respect, you should try to avoid clutter in your living spaces. This will make your rooms feel like they are more spacious, as well as cleaner. If space is hard to come by in your home, you can then reduce clutter by incorporating creative storage solutions, such as hanging shelves.

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